Passive Voice Worksheet

Passive Voice is usually introduced, in grade six. However it can be a difficult concept to learn. It is often thought of as very advanced English and difficult to both understand and master. Fortunately the exercises we have below will help children, and in fact students of all ages learn or re-learn how to use passive voice in English. These passive voice worksheets are free to download and use in homes and schools.

We have a description of the tasks in the mini workbook below, but they come as a set to work through in order. Well, they work best that way, but i guess if you want to use these passive worksheets another way you are free to do so 🙂

Free Passive Voice Worksheets

We have a set of 5 pages to help students practice and learn how to recognise and how to create passive voice sentences. These worksheets include

  • There are explanations on the first page
  • A warm up activity and a spot the passive sentence activity
  • A change the sentence from active to passive voice
  • A verb change activity
  • Looks at passive modals and infinitive.

Why Use Passive Voice?

Sometimes passive voice can be used to change the emphasis of the sentence. You can see he image below for examples of this.

Why use passive voice

Passive Voice Uses the Verb ”to be”

Passive voice will use the verb to be and when i is used it will change depending on the tense of the sentence. This is often overlooked by students.

What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Voice

In an active voice sentence it is always the subject that performs the action. so it is the main focus of the sentence. In a passive voice sentence, the main focus is the receiver or recipient of the action. Passive sentences will also include the verb to be and the past participle of the main verb.

what is the difference between active and passive voice

We will be looking further at passive and active voice in future articles including teaching advice and more resources.

It can be a tricky concept when first starting out but with a little practice and these passive voice worksheets your students will be learning and using it in no time.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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