Vowel Jeopardy Classroom Game

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I have used this with grades 1-3 as both teaching aid, classroom game and as consolidation.

It follows the format of the normal game show jeopardy, and students really get into it.

the power point is simple to use and like all my stuff i have made it editable.


1) Split the class into two or three teams.

2) each team picks a topic and a question for different values

3) if they answer the question they get the points for their team ( on the board)

4) take turns and make sure as many students are involved as possible.

there are 36 questions on this grid

I will, in the coming week, be posting other subjects with the jeopardy game,both phonics and vocabulary, that i have, and will do these individually and as a set.

They are editable but of course it takes time to go through 36 questions and answers so if you are in a rush feel free to get the set.

if not just pick up one and you can edit as you see fit

hope you enjoy it, i welcome all feedback and let me know if your students liked it or if you see room for improvements.

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