Animal Powerpoint Jeopardy game template


I am leaving this free to say thank you for all the support all the visitors have given me over these first months of setting up the website!

Thank you!

3 mins on how to play the game!

This is great for both big and small classes. It has 30 quiz and riddle questions and just like the game show students have to pick a subject, big or small animals, sea animals, insects, farm animals and pets and then pick a question for 100 to 500 points. The more points the harder the question (kinda 😛 )

  • big animals
  • small animals
  • sea animals
  • pets
  • insects
  • farm animals

This has simple four sentence introductions to each question and it is a whole class game that although teacher led, will still encourage all students to get involved. You can keep score on the board next to the game or on paper if needed.

The game is simple to play, Students have to pick a topic from the top level and then decide if they want a 100 or a 500 point question, officially the 500 questions are not as easy but of course like most things in life it is always easy if you know the answer. if they get the question correct you can give them the points and then the other team or player can have a go.

I have left it editable as a giveaway for you all and I also have a vowels version and at some point I will make more. So if you want to change it to your own version that will be great, please let me know how you used it!

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My students love to do this activity and once it is set up ( i have done that for you) it is very simple to use either as an introduction or as a finishing activity for the lesson. Of course you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like! I have a lot of other resources on the site so feel free to take a look around, and if you try the store there are plenty of free ones in there as well as the editable ones 🙂

Hope you enjoy using it and if any feedback or advice I always welcome it!

I hope you enjoy teaching this as much as i do! have a great year!

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