This is a great activity and really allows students to get creative.

It is much more of a motivator when students are asked to describe their own work rather than a generic picture or situation. This worksheet is heavily scaffolded as i used it for early ESL learners who needed the support.

I teach it fairly simply as i want them to spend time working on their animals ( and they prefer that as well) but that said i use this after the animal dominos activity to give them two unique and unusual pieces of work.

I will briefly outline the steps here.

  • Ask the students what animals we have been talking about.
  • Write them down on the board as they say them
  • Ask what would happen if they mix a shark and a spider?
  • Draw a picture of what that animal would look like and start to ask them, what would it eat, and what could it do
  • Ask them to pick two more animals and mix them together again.
  • Now say that you want them to take two or even three animals and make them into one. If you are using the Switchzoo site or app you can show them that now.
  • Say you want them to make/or draw the animal and then write a little about it, and that good ones can go on the wall or win a prize.
  • Thats it! The lesson lasts a good hour and if they haven’t finished they will enjoy taking it home to do there as well!However it can be easily changed or adapted for any level.

I have also linked in an app ( not mine) which really REALLY gives life and ideas to this kind of lesson

Switch Zoo Online Animal maker

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