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More To Life Than Adsense

Wix, Chitika, Adsense and a totally noob Website builder. After a year of sporadic attempts to get my website displaying advertisements I finally gave up with AdSense and tried another provider… Chitika.I will keep a record here for those other website owners on how… Continue Reading “More To Life Than Adsense”

Times are a’ changing

It is likely in the coming decade that classrooms are going to undergo a huge change in their appearance. At this moment in time students seem to be caught in the middle of that change. The days predicted of everything being done collaboratively and on tablets… Continue Reading “Times are a’ changing”

An Apple a Day

Well an apple every six days. I have been learning to make apps over the last few weeks and although never going to rock the world i have been enjoying it and, i think, getting better. These are in the website if you want… Continue Reading “An Apple a Day”

Late to the Party

I can’t remember when i exactly started wanting to do something different, but i remember when i decided to do something about it. It was watching as my class sat quietly and did worksheets in my lessons on a Friday,