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Be Safe Using VR in Your Classroom.

Although a very safe activity if done properly it is worth being aware of some issues to make sure your class is both safe and happy when using this. In this post you will find the tips and procedures i use to make sure this happens.

I have also included some things to be aware of when you have to justify using VR in the classroom.

Before Using the Headset:

  • Make sure you sit the student down before putting on the headset
  • Be aware some motion sickness happens if the experience is too fast
  • explain to the class how to hold it ( their heads are smaller so they might need to hold it on their face even if it has a head strap
  • Explain not to turn their head to fast, both for tracking of the app and for dizziness reasons.
  • let them know if they don’t feel happy to remember they are just in a classroom and they can take it off at any stage.
  • If anyone doesn’t want to try that it is perfectly fine as well.
  • Let them know what they are likely to see, briefly so they can make a decision.
  • Make sure the device and the electrical parts of it are all in good working order and don’t overheat

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While using the headset.

  • If you can screen share the headset screen onto the PC or whiteboard if you can so other can see their reactions.
  • Check that the student is doing OK while they enjoy the experience
  • keep the viewing short, so others can try if you have just one or two headsets
  • if you have a full class worth of these, consider using Google Expeditions or other class control methods, that way you can close the headsets down. (your students wont be able to stop looking otherwise)
  • Let the student get used to having the headset off for a minute before sitting them back with the others to make sure they are OK.

After using the headset

  • Make sure everyone knows what they have watched and ask how it made them feel, what would they like to do.
  • Ensure that even though it is used to motivate and excite that we use it to also teach and learn. Have some tasks prepared (feel free to use some of the ideas i have in my lessons here and in other lessons on the site)
  • Clean the headset and charge the phone ( its heavy on the battery if you are using a phone) Clean it well, there have been a lot of faces jammed in that little headset and there are likely to be more if the lesson went well.
  • Be prepared to answer questions and show your colleagues as they will want to try it as well.
  • Write down here what you did and how ti went! I want to know if other people try it.

I have one of the headsets above, and will review it properly soon, but just wanted to mention that it doesn’t have wires or an expensive phone attached to it. That alone makes it more suitable for use in a classroom in my opinion.

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