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8 Great Gifts For Kindergarten Students From a Teacher

Whether you want to buy gifts for your students as thanks for their results, to motivate your students, as an introduction to your class, or as a farewell present, it can be difficult to know what gifts to buy that are both within Budget, yours or the kindergartens. Therefore, this article helps find the best gifts for kindergarten students no matter the occasion.

Kindergarten students:

  1. Kid Sunglasses
  2. Make – A –Face Stickers
  3. Puzzle Books
  4. Doodle Pads
  5. Slap Bracelet

As seen above, there are various inexpensive gifts that can be given to students of all age groups. Let’s explore these gifts in greater detail below:

Why to buy gifts for Kindergarten Students?

Even appealing to the future motivations of university students is never that successful, knock 16 years off their age and put them into kindergarten and these students are not motivated by how much money they will earn later,

Although there are many reasons getting gifts for kindergarten, extrinsic motivations are the number one. Young children, in fact all children, in fact all of us, enjoy receiving gifts. Children just more so that most!

  • Reasons is is good to give gifts to kindergarten students
  • They have no way of quiring fun items, gifts or toys without an adult
  • It shows that their work and effort is valued that little big more
  • it makes for a great activity / prize giving ceremony
  • For some students showing how much you value their contribution may be the nicest thing to happen to them.
  • It shows both respect and value.
  • It costs very little and spreads Joy. Joy should always be spread as thickly as possible.

Kindergarten students value gifts more than adults for many reasons. There is no way for kindergarten students to be able to buy what they want unaided. they are reliant on parents and adults for everything and have no power to get what they want when they want.

Its why, although we have given a list of 8 great gifts for kindergarten students below we also have some advice first if you can indulge us for a moment. We also give this advice in our grade school and high school gifts for students pages, as we think it has real value. it is in the section below.

How to Give Gifts To kindergarten Students

As we mentioned earlier Children, especially children as young as Kindergarten age, do not have much independance. The only way to develop those skills is to learn them and practice them in safe environments.

Gifts are a great way of doing this.

  • Instead of just assigning gifts to your students you can create vouchers or gift tokens to give your student.
  • They can either acquire these through good work, or you can give them for the end of year. then during the gift activity they can choose their own gift at your very own gift shop in the classroom.
  • This means they get to choose their own gift. It does however mean you have to have a choice of gift which might add a little cost to the total.
  • You can assign tasks through it the year. month or even project that will win “tokens for them to then cash in.
  • there is much more value in kindergarten students choosing their own gifts and being able to take ownership not just of the gift but also of the process.
  • If you do decide to go with this idea it is important to make sure that all your students are able to acquire enough tokens for at least one gift and to make sure you keep track of any that may need some “creative tasks” to make sure they can get a great gift for kindergarten as well.

Below we have a few ideas that are great gifts for kindergarten students, we have made them fun and cost efficient (we are more than aware than teachers are more often than not paying for these kindergarten student gifts out of their own pocket)

What Are The Best Gifts For Kindergarten Students

When shopping for gifts for kindergarten students, we recommend looking for gifts that promote expression, creativity, and individuality.

What makes a good gift for kindergarten students.

  • Strong enough to last little hands being rough
  • Attractive enough to a motivator
  • Cheap enough to be able to buy multiple items
  • Small enough to fit in little school bags
  • Age appropriate
  • Limited small moving parts.

Below we have some great gifts for Kindergarten Students that fulfil these factors, although there are loads more you can choose from.

1. Kid Sunglasses

These colorful sunglasses from Neliblu come in packs of twelve in various colors. This allows young students to pick their favorite color to express themselves at school, at home, or any occasion that suits them.

At 5.5”, these sunglasses will fit children of all sizes, meaning you don’t need to worry about children at different stages of development when purchasing these sunglasses.

2. Make – A –Face Stickers

Make–A–Face Stickers by JOYIN are the perfect gift for kindergarten children. It combines children’s love for stickers and colorful cartoon animals with a level of creativity, as it requires children to use an assortment of stickers to make their customizable characters.

Teachers can buy packs of 36 at an affordable price, allowing students to have their pick from a variety of different animals, dinosaurs, and monsters!

3. Puzzle Books

With over 24 pages of activities in each book, these 12 book pack of puzzle books by Kicko is the perfect gift for children between the ages of three and six. These puzzle books feature competitive games, solo puzzles, and coloring pages to appeal to various interests.

4. Doodle Pads

Although doodle pads may sound like expensive gifts due to their electronic components, these mini doodle pads by Prextex come in packs of 18. Their small size makes them affordable and portable gifts that allow children to express their creativity and fine motor skills on the go!

5. Slap Bracelets

As a staple of the 1980s and 1990s, slap bracelets have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their ability to fit any wrist and sport various images, patterns, designs, and logos.

We believe this pack of 38 Superhero Slap Bracelets from ATP ADT is one of the best examples of old meets new, given the surge in popularity of superheroes with the rise of the MCU and DCU series; of films/TV series! 

6. Motivational Cards

School can be challenging for young people; consequently, simple reminders from friends, family, and teachers about one’s worth and encouraging good work can make a huge difference in a student’s life.

These double-sided motivational cards from Global Printed Products come in packs of 100 with various messages, so you can cater each card to each student depending on the personal message you want to convey to each student!

7. Colourful and Fun Hand Sanitizer bottles

In a sign of the times these hand sanitizer bottles are now a main feature of every kindergartener school bad. You can pick up about 24 of these for a very nice price and let your students choose their favorites as and when they want. they make a great kindergarten gift and are well priced for teachers.

8. Big Bubble Wands.

Although these are great gifts it is not a great idea to let them loose in the classroom! unless you are teaching how to clean up mess as well.

However take them out into the playground and these will be a hugely popular gift for kindergarten students, and older students for that matter. They are suitable for teachers to buy as you can get packs of these for relatively little money.


In conclusion, the most important thing to look for regarding gifts is inexpensive, usable, unisex, functional, and age-appropriate gifts. While the above may not be a definitive list of the best gifts, it has enough variety to meet the needs of any teacher looking for gifts for their students!















I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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