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The Best Free CVC Word Lists: And How To Use Them.

If you have visited our site before you will know the importance we place on teaching children how to overcome that first hurdle of using the phonics and alphabet sounds they have learnt and putting them into CVC words. These CVC word lists help to achieve this.

CVC word lists help to quickly and effectively introduce students to simple, manageable chunks of text. They allow students to practice blending sounds and word construction,  developing both reading and phonetic skills. CVC word lists can be used in games and formal instruction settings.

Keep reading/scrolling to get the FREE downloadable and Printable CVC words lists and to see a huge selection of other CVC resources to help teach you students and children.

Blending and Word Construction of CVC words starts in kindergarten and progresses into first grade. It is most certainly one of the most important skills that students can learn as they develop their reading skills in school. (You can read more about reading expectations for kindergarten, first grade and second grade here on the links).

What are CVC Words?

CVC Word Lists short a

CVC words are words constructed in a consonant-vowel-consonant format. The vowel in the medial position is always a short vowel sound. They are often the first words of real meaning introduced to students of English to introduce and teach phoneme blending and word construction.

Once this skill is familiar to students ( or even better if they have mastered it) it is then much MUCH easier for them to progress with more difficult and complex words like CVCC, and multi Syllable words. We have activities and games for these as well on the links 🙂

Why are CVC Words Important?

As mentioned in our article how to teach CVC words with activities and games” CVC words are the first step in developing reading and phonics skills for young learners. They learn to construct and blend sounds together to create words. It allows them to take ownership of their own work and learning and to see that they are making progress and actually learning to read.

CVC Word List Short i

Once they have developed this CVC word skill, then to apply that to other words in English is that much simpler. it is why we put so much emphasis in making sure our students have then skill firmly learnt. It makes the next stages so much easier.

CVC Word lists Downloads

We have two versions of these, one is here on the page you are reading, the other is the downloadable and printable versions for homes and classrooms. You are free to use these in both those settings 🙂

Click on the picture or the button below to be taken to the downloadable CVC word Lists with images or check under it for the table versions to use online. both work, but we like the ones with images as it helps to teach some vocabulary as well as the CVC word pronunciation. ( and they are more fun 😉 )

CVC Word Lists Printable PDF

Basic CVC Word Lists

The followin 5 tables are included in case you need less distraction and less images. We have them as tables here on the webpage, and in case you need, a downloadable CVC word list pdf as well.

We have included these CVC word Lists in their Short Vowel order, so A-E-I-O-U so ou can progress through the lists step by step if required. The download however ( to save your time and our space) is all five in one file.

Just to be clear this list is not definite, ( there are thousands of CVC words) but it has enough to help practice the skills needed for students to learn and develop these phonics and reading skills. you can always add your own if you want or need more 🙂

Short a CVC Word List

ab wordsad wordsag wordsam wordsan wordsap wordsat words

Short e CVC Word List

eb wordsed wordseg wordsem wordsen wordset wordsex words

Short i CVC Word List

ib wordsid wordsig wordsim wordsin wordsit wordsix words

Short o CVC Word List

ob wordsod wordsog wordsom wordsop wordsot wordsox words
lobjog toppot

Short u CVC Word List

ub wordsud wordsug wordsum wordsup wordsut words
rubpud bugMumcupcut
hubjug put

How to use C-V-C Word Lists

Slappy Hands / Fast Hands

You can put the list on the board or as a printout on the table and have two students come up and listen to a word you say. They have to race to find it on the paper or board. You can play first to 5 or 10 depends on time.

Missing Letters game

I you Pint and cut he CVC word lists into sections. Then you can give the student the list and a piece of paper. When you read out a word, they have to write the spelling down. If more advanced you can use the word lists to yourself and not show the student till he end of the activity.

CVC Word List Short u

CVC Snap

You can cut out the words and pictures into duplicate sets and then place hem face down on the able. You can do his for one short vowel or for the whole set.

Then students pick to and turn them over, if they match they can keep them, the winner is the one with the most pairs at the end of the game.

CVC Generator Bingo

We have made an online CVC and PC generator. (Linked here and below) This can be used to play a type of Bingo. Students have the CVC word lists in front of them and have to circle the word if the generator makes it. The generator makes all sorts or real and made up words so they can practice skills without relying on sight words.

Other CVC Resources

  • CVC Generator. This online app allows you to generate random CVC words just by clicking the green button. great for classrooms and homes. Allows Students to practice their CVC skills.
  • CVC Printable Soundopoly Game. This is good for groups or pairs of students. Free to download

CVC Scramble Worksheets

  • Thee are two versions on the site. these are the paid editable versions, but we also have the Free PDF versions as well.

Online games

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