The Best Free Online Animal Games For English Classrooms.

Animal lessons are one of the most enjoyable topics to teach learners of all ages. We have a large selection of printable resources ( linked below) that range from worksheets to crafts but lessons should incorporate as many ways to teach as possible. This includes using Free Online Animal Games.

We have some of the better online animal games ones that are available for free listed here with links. They primarily cover vocabulary and animal name recognitions but there are also more advanced language features as well within the list.

We also have 5 of our most popular downloadable resources at the bottom to help supplement lessons as well.

These are the best free online animal games we have found and use in our classrooms.

  • Freddies Ville
  • Switchzoo
  • ESL games
  • ESL Games Farm and More
  • MES Games
  • British Council Animal Games

Freddie’s Ville: 4 Animal Game Selection

online animal ESL Games

This set of four online Animal games features an interactive animal crossword, an animal word search a description match and a memory game.

They are all fairly straightforward to use in class and home but the crossword can get a little confusing to write into.

The crossword, memory game and Word Search Focus on Animal names and picture word recognition. However the missing words game ( from ESL Games+) asks comparative and comprehension questions so is suited for more advanced activities and groups.

These Online animal games are free to play as well.

Switchzoo: Make your Own Animal

Switchzoo animal Game

Although this is not a game in the classic sense it is a really engaging and useful Animal site.

It allows students to create an animal of their design. They can change the head, tail and body as well as the base of the animal. I use this is a few year groups and have a lesson on the site that incorporates this.

We ask the students to draw then write about their new animal. The link is next to the Switch zoo site link below if you like the idea. It comes with a full lesson plan and is free to use and download.

This activity also has an app version, less free, but still great and they are adding new features to the site all the time, it has activities on Animal Diets, habitats and more as well so will be useful in general studies as well.

This is a sure fire win in the classroom and as a little advice I would send the link home with the students so they can create their own animals there as well.

ESL Kids Games: 4 Animal Games

FREE Online Animal Games

This is another site with 4 animal games on one page. These are nice and simple to use and a re good for animal name recognition. The games are:

  • Animal Spelling
  • Animal Memory Game
  • Animal Sounds Game
  • Animal Picture and Name Match

The spelling game is a nice touch and the only one we have found, it would be good if it was a little longer, but there are 20 questions here already. The memory game is just images so not much English use although students will shout out the names so some language practice will occur.

The Online Animal Sounds game is also a nice touch. I have only seen one other like this and that was on PowerPoint.

ESL Games: Farm, Pets, Sea and Wild Animals Memory Game

Animal Online Matching Games

ESL Games have a large selection of free online animal games on their site.

There are two main types of games on the site, 4 memory match games that focus on animal names. These cover sea, pets, farm and wild animals.

There are also online animal board games as well, these need the students to roll the dice and then answer the animal question to progress. These are fairly simple but are good for introductions or consolidation at the end of lessons.

MES Games: Online Animal Games

Mes Animal Online Games

MES Games have a huge number of English games on their site. Hundreds of different topics are covered. All the games are similar, but there is a good selection so students should still be engaged.

The games cover vocabulary, spelling, and matching and each section has 2-4 different games. The games are pretty basic but for classroom use they are short and easy to use.

These would suit both classrooms and homes as additional exercises

British Council: 7 pages of Online Animal Games and Songs

British Council online animal games

The British Council has a whole series of online Animal activities. Including games and songs. They have 7 pages of activities of varying levels so can be suitable for a wide range of students.

They also cover more than just animal names, which is a feature of the most of the above games. Animal parts, habitats and diet are also covered.

Other Animal Resources

We have a host of free resources to download and use for your animal themed lessons. Feel free to download and use. These include craft, worksheets, games and more.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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