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Teach Your Monster to Read Mini-games Instructions

          All English Phonetic sounds covered in 12 engaging games.


This site covers EVERY phonics sound and has 12 different games to teach and practice them. It is totally free to play online and is the best full targeted phonetic games site there is. It also has, if you explore the site, board games, posters, sight words and lots and lots of other resources for teachers and students. I wrote a full review on this site and app here. The app is not free ( well it is twice a year) but if you have tablets or IPads it is well worth the purchase if your school is able. There is an example of the full game below.

I am putting a video of me helping my class access these games below as I am based in Hong Kong and currently all students are off school until March. So we are gathering resources and materials for them to work on at home. I will change it back when this is all over.

Instructions for my class

Instructions for teachers

  1. Press the link to go to the Teach your monster page. It will look like this.
  1. You can assign the sound that the students should choose from this selection. (they are all there)
  2. Once the student has pressed the sound they will have this screen in front of them.

3) The top level of games are letter to sound tasks. So simple listen to the sound and press or drag the correct sound to match. This is more suitable for Kindergarten or Juniors (depending on reading levels) I will highlight briefly the activities in case you need to explain to the students.

Letter Sound Matching Games Breakdown.

Letter sort. Sheep and Duck games:

These two games are the same game play but with different graphics. Students simply listen to the sound of the letter and them use the mouse to make the monster pick up the sheep or the ducks and over them to the correct area. For all of these examples I have used the sound ’’ y ’’ as an example. They have to play through three times to complete the sound.

Sound recognition games:

These two are also the same gameplay but different graphics. Students have to press space key or tap the mouse to have the monster jump on the flower or balloon. It will say a sound, then they have to jump or drop to the correct sound. Get three letters and sounds to complete the game.

Sound Recognition building games:

These two games ask the students to slide the spaceship or submarine over the letters to hear the sound and then click or press to pick up the sound. They have to listen and then see which sound is next in the purple tower. Then they slide the ship back over the tower and drop the sound into place. They can then move onto the next sound. The game completes when they finish building the tower.

Word Building and Segmenting Games

These games are a little more in depth and ask students to listen to be able to build words. They are really useful for students to have to listen and then deconstruct the sounds that make up individual English words.

Save the bear and Shoot the asteroids games. Word building and segmenting.

Students have to listen to the word and then shoot or jump to the correct sounds to make it. There are two versions in each game one is listen to the word and then build it with letters, the other is look at the word and then build it with sounds. Both are useful.

Jump to balloon or asteroid games:

Students have to listen or read the word and then either jump to the right sounds or letters to correctly spell it. There are three levels to compete before they can finish. Similar to previous game.

Beach and Goblin word game:

The game will say a word and students have to catch the moving characters to spell it. It moves between spelling with letters and spelling with sounds. All three of these games ask the students to so almost the same thing but in slightly different ways.

Note: These games are not designed to be played for hours and hours at a time, so please assign them for 10 minutes or so a day. They will be much more effective that way. 

On the full site you have board games as well as the full game, however if you are running a full class it does take some time to set up the user names and passwords for each student. That is definitely worth doing but using these games is a good way to introduce the game before you do, or it is equally as good for students to work on at home.

With me being based in Hong Kong and our schools being off for at least a month due to the Coronoa Virus i am setting this as a daily / bi weekly activities for my students to use at home. It will keep them engaged and hopefully keep them practicing the skills they have learnt.

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