• 13 Action Verb Worksheets


    Actions verbs are a mainstay of every language teachers curriculum. They are great to teach and children really benefit from being taught them using varied activities. However, one of those activities we use to consolidate or cool them down after all the actions, is the humble worksheet.

    Children need to learn a mixture of grammar and phonics to learn to talk. Verbs, and in particular Action Verbs, are incredibly important part of this. The ability to be able to communicate their actions and what they want or have been doing is a huge motivator for younger learners. As they start to form sentences they will naturally acquire vocabulary, there are ways to develop these skills more effectively.

  • Cursive writing Workbook

    Cursive Handwriting Practice Workbook – Printable


    Cursive Handwriting Practice Workbook – Printable

    Cursive Writing does more than look good on paper, its trains hand eye coordination, visual learning and even stimulates other areas of the brain. Here is our guide on how to teach students to quickly and effectively cursive writing.

    The teaching of cursive writing follows a set of steps that help students learn and master each skill before moving on. Practicing letter strokes, writing single letters, concentrating on lower case before upper case and then practicing words for a scaffolded program for children to learn quickly and effectively. We have 40 plus pages for students and children to practice from letters to words and onto paragraphs.

      We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here



  • 40 + Christmas Multi-Activity Workbook


    40 + Christmas Multi-Activity Workbook

    Its that time of year again and so its time to dust off the Santa suit and the tinsel and start to decorate those classrooms. To give you more time to do this we have put together this set of 40+ Christmas worksheets for Junior grades to brighten up those pre Christmas party lessons.


  • 7 Reading Strategy Worksheets

    25 + Reading Comprehension Strategies Workbook – All Seven Skills


    25 + Reading Comprehension Strategies Workbook – All Seven Skills


    Notes for parents and teachers:

    The printable worksheets, games and activities in this workbook aim to lessen the load for both you and your children and students. They are designed to be used with differing levels of text that you may be using and cover the 7 main reading comprehension strategies. These strategies are listed below.

    We have also linked in this page the articles on our site that offer tips and advice on both what these reading strategies are and how to teach them. Each of these articles is aimed at younger learners, but that theory carries on to older learners and more difficult texts.

    The enjoyment that reading brings requires both confidence and understanding. Our phonics and reading skills workbooks aim to help with confidence and skill building. This collection aims to bring the deeper understanding and to practice higher order and comprehension skills that will develop our children and students into fluent and skilled readers.

    We hope they are useful to you and feel free to take a look at our other collections and free resources to help you and your students progress.

    Happy Reading!

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here


  • Blend and digraph workbook

    60+ Phonics and Reading Skills Workbook – Blends and Digraphs


    Over 60 Teacher Made Blending and Digraph worksheets, games and activities. 


    Notes for parents and teachers:

    These worksheets and activities progress from our CVC and Short Vowels workbook. They introduce   and practice digraphs and blending skills. These can be tricky for younger learners and we have   included a large amount of practice worksheets. We have also included an online game / App at the   end that enables these skills to be practiced using a different format.


    What is inside

    • 12 Say it, Complete it, Write it Worksheets: Covers the most common blends and digraphs and asks students to finish and write the word. Uses pictures to encourage vocabulary growth or visual recognition as well.
    • 8 Finish the Word Activities: Uses images again to ask students to look at the picture and use the correct blend or digraph to complete the word.
    • 4 Word Create Worksheets: These use a different approach. No images included as the task asks students to try to pick between two blends, sounds or digraphs to make a word and then be able to say it. Although there is an actual word for each task this is less important than having the students try to complete and then say the word they have created. – of course it better if they can create the actual word, but this is primarily a skills practicing worksheet.
    • 6 Pick the Blend / Digraph Worksheets: Students have to pick between two blends or digraphs to correctly spell the word. Pictures included.
    • 2 Which Digraph worksheets: Similar to the previous worksheets, these add a little complexity by offering more choices to use to complete the words.
    • 13 ’’Where is the’’ Activities: Students have to color the correct words the correct color. These aim to introduce both the common blends and digraphs and the others that are less well known.
    • 4 Blends and digraph Word Searches: Students write, color and then fin the words in this classic activity.
    • Farming for phonics: Although this is a short vowel activity it uses words that have ending digraphs in them. So revises short vowels and introduces digraphs!
    • Digraph coloring sheet: Asks students to color words with digraphs to reveal a picture
    • 1 long and short vowel Spot the difference: 8 activities sheets that have 5 tasks on each. They cover common blends and digraphs.

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here


  • Long and Short Vowels Workbook

    50+ Phonics and Reading Skills Workbook – Long and Short Vowels


    Over 50 Teacher Made Phonics, Long and Short Vowel worksheets, games and activities. 

    The printable activities you will find in this workbook are designed to focus on the vowel sounds   in English.   These short and long vowel sounds are an integral part of phonics instruction. We have   over 50 worksheets   and activities to help practice and master these often tricky sounds. We   have included  some revision   materials to remind students and children about short vowels and constructing simple CVC words. Then   we   move onto the differences between long and short vowel sounds. There is a considerable focus on this as it   can take a little time for students to fully master these important skills.

    We have also included worksheets and activities for long vowel patterns and phonics rules included   ‘’magic/silent e’’, r-controlled vowels, vowel digraphs and diphthongs and how Y can make vowel sounds


    • 2 Read Write Colour: Practice and revision worksheets to cement CVC and Short vowel knowledge
    • 2 Write my sound: Medial Sound worksheets that can be used as assessment or in a lesson where the parent or teacher can say the missing short vowel sound.
    • 2 Fishing For Phonics Worksheets: Students are asked to ‘’fish’’ for short vowel sounds by coloring the fish the correct color.
    • 6 Short and long vowel Colouring Activities: 5 Single vowel and one combined colouring activity. Students find, read and then colour the words with long and short sounds according to the instructions
    • 3 farming for phonics Worksheets: This set of 3 worksheets asks students to say and differentiate between long and short sounds, r controlled sounds and includes a page of short sounds with consonant digraphs as well.
    • 10 Circle the vowel Sound worksheets: This set of ten worksheets aims to teach students to both say and recognize the many different vowel sounds. We have 4 long and short versions, 1 magic ‘’e’’ and 5 that cover r-controlled vowels, vowel digraphs and diphthongs.
    • 2 Penguin Rhyming Pairs and 2 Rhyming pairs worksheets: Students have to find and colour the rhyming pairs, or find and cut the rhyming words. This activity mixes up different spellings of the vowel sounds.
    • 3 Vowel spelling worksheets: # worksheets to help students learn and recognize that there are different spellings of vowel sounds. This covers R controlled and oi/oy sounds.
    • 1 long and short Vowel Spot the difference: Covers all 5 short vowels for revision
    • 8 Magic E Worksheets: 4 Magic E Scramble and 4 spot the word worksheets to teach and practice the magic ‘’e’’ rule.
    • 4 Vowel Digraph Cut and paste: Students must cute and paste vowel digraph words in the correct column
    • 5 Bossy R worksheets: 5 worksheets highlighting spelling of r controlled vowels.
    • 3 Y as a vowel activities: 3 worksheets and activities to help teach how Y can act as a vowel.

    As well as our printable board game we have also linked some online games at the end along with a Long and Short Vowels PowerPoint game.

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here

  • CVC phonics reading Workbook

    CVC And Phonics Skills and Kindi and Grade 1 Reading Bundle


    Over 50 Teacher Made Phonics, Vowel and CVC Games, Worksheets and Activities for Younger Learners


    40+ Reading Comprehension Short Stories – CVC, Kindergarten and Grade 1

    For one price you get get both of these emergent reader workbooks

    Check out their contents here

    Kindergarten and short stories

    Phonics Skills and CVC Words


  • Phonics and reading skills Workbook

    50+ Phonics and Reading Skills Workbook – Sounds and CVC words


    Over 50 Phonics, Vowel and CVC Games, Worksheets and Activities for Younger Learners

    This Phonics and CVC Workbook offers students the chance to practice using multi intelligence methods and includes  a large selection of CVC activities  to help practice and master blending of simple words and phrases. We have also included the option to color some of these pages to help children and students take ownership of them.

    • 5 CVC Scramble Worksheets: Designed to introduce and practice the structure of CVC words and how the sounds blend together.
    • 5 CVC Word Sort: Moves from 3 separate sounds creating a word, to word families, or ‘’onset and rime’’ and introduces the idea of ‘’rhyme’’ as a way to work out unfamiliar words.
    • 2 Which Vowel Worksheets: Vowels are tricky for young ears, the sound difference is minimal. This worksheet mixes familiar / unfamiliar words to try to help children hear that difference. Can be done alone, but is better if a parent or teacher helps by reading the words and offering encouragement.
    • 2 Farming and 3 Fishing for phonics coloring activities: Both sets of activities ask the student to read and hear the difference between the short vowel sounds and then categorize them.
    • 5 Roll and Read: 5 short vowel activities to put into practice what has been covered in the previous tasks. Children roll a dice and have to read the CVC word, marking how many times they read it.
    • 5 Roll Find and Colour: 5 short vowel games to encourage students to recognize these words and colour them once they have read them correctly, can complete on their own, better with some help.
    • 10 Word Families Activity pages: There are 2 versions of each short vowel sound. Has coloring, writing, reading and vocabulary tasks included in each page.
    • 5 Space Phonics: A 3 activity worksheet with a CVC maze, writing task and introducing simple sentences using these words. There is some vocabulary and coloring incorporated in each page.
    • 2 Vowel Sort: We move on to consolidating short vowel sounds and introducing long vowel sounds here. Students are asked to recognize and sort a set of long and short vowel words.
    • Long and Short Vowel Worksheets: 6 Worksheets looking for students to recognize or vocalize a word and mark if they have a long or short vowel inside them. Used as an introduction to the next phase
    • A Phonics Fortune Teller: One just needs colour and the other is a blank template for you and your children to make and design your own!

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here