I have a few sets of these with Jobs, fruit, animals, pets, and some holidays and will be releasing more in the coming weeks as they seem quite popular! I use them myself in ESL classrooms and they are a great piece of work for students to take home. Its more than just another worksheet.

This is a whole class activity that can be done in groups or pairs. I love doing this as its a real chance for students to engage with their work and for the teacher to target help where it is needed. A self directed learning win!!

Instructions on how to use ALL our English Dominoes Activities are in the Video on this page :) With Tips advice and hints

Students are given a board and the picture/description and have to match the description to the disaster picture and glue it to the board. They go horizontal across the top and the bottom and vertically along the sides. this then makes a frame around the centre.

Now the Natural Disaster Pictures and descriptions should be printed on A4, but the page they use to stick them on on has to be A3 so that they fit around the outside!

When you ( or the students) cut out the dominos make sure there is a picture AND a description on the domino ( dominoes have two sides) The description should not match the picture on the domino.

Make sure the students know how to glue them as sometimes they will stick them all at the top. You can use page three on the PowerPoint as a rubric for this to show them what you are looking for, or if you want you can make one first!

Once they have finished, they can complete the centre part of the board think of what they should do if one of these disasters ever happen! (lets hope not!)

If you want the editable version you can find it here https://makingenglishfun.com/product/natural-disasters-dominoes-and-riddles-activity-for-esl-kindergarten-and-primary-students-fully-editable-version/

Most of resources can be premium downloaded below, they are all editable so you can adapt them for your, classes, students and schools. It also helps me with the costs of running the website!

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I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.