Grade 5 Writing worksheet complaint letter

We have a set of Grade 5 Reading and writing worksheets which you can access from the links below. This set is focussed on how to write a complaints letter. Writing letters, although much rarer, is both common in exams and in lessons all over the world. This set of 5 complaints letter worksheets will help students understand both the format and the language used when writing a letter of complaint.

Our other Grade 5 Reading and Writing Worksheets Include:

You can access these by clicking on the links both in the list above and on the images below the download links below. They try to cover most of the grammar points found in a grade 5 syllabus around the world.

Grade 5:The Complaint Letter

These complaints letter worksheets include 5 pages of resources and tasks for students and are designed to help students read and then write their own complaints letter. They are scaffolded so each task builds on the preceding one until they attempt to write their own unaided.

These complaints letter worksheets could also be used for mini projects or added to a portfolio for the end of grade 5.

The tasks in this set of grade 5 reading and writing worksheets include:

grade 5 wrting example for complaint letter
  • Reading exercise
  • Reading comprehension
  • Free / process writing
  • Guided writing
  • Matching exercise
  • Sentence Construction

All of these are English skills are introduced and assessed throughout grade 5. Writing can be difficult for both ESL and Native speakers, these worksheets aim to help build up to the final task by breaking letter writing into sections.

This entire set focusses on just complaints letters, but can act as a great introduction for other letter writing tasks, like thank you letters, or application letters.

We have loads of resources on the site to help you both teach and motivate your students and children to develop a love of reading. At this age students should be reading to learn , and not learning to read, however if your students are ESL, Second Language learners or have additional needs you can access more free resources than help teach reading skills as well.

Grade 5 Reading and Writing Worksheets

Below you will find the links for four other sets of grade 5 reading comprehension worksheets, and below those links to other reading materials and resources. These include readers, games activities and worksheets. All are free, however if you want the full set you can pick it up inthe shop , there is usually a sale on!

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