This activity doesn’t require requires the Animal Antics Trumps cards. There are 30 animal Images an 30 description cards that ask students to match the the picture with the description

On each Animal Antics card there is a both a picture and a description. These are designed for reading lessons so we have split the description and the image and students just have to try to match one with the other.

  • A group of students can be given a deck of Animal Antics and these matching cards and try to match each animal to the description.
  • The Animal Antics card can be put up on the board or visualizer and the students can try to guess which animal belongs to which description.

How to use fun facts matching cards

These are the third ”hard resources” that we are offering to go with Animal Antics and it is an experiment to start with, so we have put together activities to go along side the Animal Antics trumps cards. These cards are designed to be much easier reading than traditional first language trump cards with less detail and less technical language. this makes them much more suited to lower primary, kindergarten and of course ESL classrooms. It also makes for a fun way to spend a car journey or for practicing reading at home as well.

We will be adding to the collection and if you do have a set of the cards then feel free to comment below on ideas on how to use them. We can add them to future updates when we discover the (no matter how hard we try) TYPOS that we all do!

The cards will be available to buy by mid September and we will put notice in the Facebook groups as well as on the website.

We are quite excited as the cards for both Animal Antics and for Flip Phonics look really quite good! I hope they are as useful as they are shiny!!!

Any way enough of that, we have more resources on the site feel free to check them out, and any questions drop us an email on

If you do use these before mid September definitely come back to check out the trumps cards to see if they would help you .

Here is the download file for the PDF version of the game if you want the editable version to change questions etc it is will be put in the store when the cards are released. If you need it first drop me an email.

Most of resources can be premium downloaded below, they are all editable so you can adapt them for your, classes, students and schools. It also helps me with the costs of running the website!

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I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.