Animal Antics – The English Trumps Card Game

The first trumps game designed for students of English!

Animal Antics are an adapted version of a trumps card game with easier and more accessible English for younger and ESL learners. If you haven’t seen them yet you can check them out here. These cards can be used in schools and homes and provide easy, simple sentences to practice English and where the words are a little longer we have put a phonetic spelling next to them to help students with segmenting and syllable recognition.

Why Animal Antics… In a nutshell

10 great reasons to own the Animal Antics Education Card game.

  • 30 Different animal cards and facts from around the world.
  • VERY HIGH QUALITY Production – to help deal with use in busy, schools, classrooms, learning centres and homes.
  • Designed, created and produced by English teachers.
  • FREE provision of additional lessons, resources, worksheets and activities.
  • Student friendly language beginner and intermediate students of English.
  • Fun facts about each animal included.
  • Fun and educational trumps card game.
  • Activities include, classification, superlatives, reading comprehension, writing worksheets, pop quizzes
  • Templates included so you and your students can design and create their own.
  • The only Educational game with dedicated updated activities, that teachers, centres, schools, and parents can add to.
  • We are teachers, and can offer full support and help with how to use these resources, just pop an email to
  • We prefer that our resources are used, not just bought, so we will always keep the price accessible.

And Why Animal Antics … the out of a nutshell version.

Clear and easy to read text…

The language has been written to make it simpler and more accessible to students of all ages and language abilities. We had been using the more established games in classrooms as they are a student favourite. So we thought by adapting the idea into a more language friendly system would be of benefit to teachers but also to students.

Designed by English Teachers and trialed in classrooms…

These Animal Antics Trump cards have been designed and produced by English teachers to help provide fun, effective and engaging activities for all students of English. We also have tried them in classrooms to see if they are suitable for Kindergarten, Primary and ESL students. The main reasoning is to make all the information on the cards accessible to students not just the facts or the statistics.

Animal Antics trump cards instruciton
Additional Free lesson ideas, activities and resources…

With this in mind we also have a regularly update page (linked here) on this site with game ideas and resources for teachers and parents to use with the Animal Antics trumps cards, These include both reading and writing worksheets, matching and classification games, search for information tasks, larger instructions for desks and tables, and templates to use to adapt the cards to your own students learning environment. Check them out here

Adaptable cards and template to make your own resources…

For verified purchasers of Animal Antics trump cards we also have a collection of these resources on PowerPoint to fully enable teachers and parents to be able to change and edit to fit their students needs. These are available by emailing us on and we can send them or provide links to the templates. Access to these means you will be able to have full ability to adapt these to your needs. To our knowledge no other resource offers this level of integration and we hope we have made something that is much more intuitive to educators needs.

Ability to influence and change going forward…

We have also included in our resources page a new ideas section for all teachers who think of activities or produce resources to be able to tell all other teachers through that page. In the first instance through the comments section at the bottom but as we receive ideas we will post them along with ours. We feel that we, like all teachers, are not in the position to have all the ideas, answers or resources and teachers all over the world being the innovators they are will devise ways f using these resources we never did. Nothing will give us greater pleasure than putting those up to share.

The freedom to make your own Animal Antics cards,

We have also instructed our printer to make 3/4 blank templates in each pack. these are there so teachers can either make their own cards, or to photocopy and give to students so they can make their own pack, with what ever subject they feel. We also have outlines to download and stick onto cards if you need on the resources page as well.