A set of printable both FREE A to Z English Alphabet Tongue Twisters and a new premium version to use for Kindergarten, ESL and Primary schools and teachers. Great to practice reading and pronunciation. These are made so that four fit to a page and save on Ink. They look better in colour, but of course black and white works as well.

We have a free version of the older set ( one of our most popular download PDF)

Now, due to request for an update, we have the premium version in the store. These have been developed to be both classroom cards and are now big enough to use as classroom decorations as well. You can read about both below.

The Free Version

I use these all the time, just for a little bit of fun or as a 5 minute activity in my classrooms. I give the student a letter sound and ask them to go find it on the wall. Then they have to try to say the Tongue twister to me and to the rest of the class. As a little work book it can be used to practice one a week or one a month. You can also video them saying them and send to parents if you use apps like Seesaw or Padlet. It a great and FREE time

They help students build confidence using English and you can easily use these to put up as a classroom decoration as well.

New Version 26 A to Z Tongue Twisters

This version has been updated from the free one to make it suitable for walls and for A4 size flash cards.

  • Great to use in Lessons
  • These are higher resolution so can be printed for walls and classroom decoration
  • 26 A to Z Tongue Twisters for kindergarten, ESL and Primary school.

Check out the example images below.

I went through the Alphabet to ensure all letters (not all sounds of course) are covered. These are great for activity days and English days in school. (this is where i use them the most!)

There will be other phonics sounds coming soon as well.

Please rate and review if you use them. 

Happy teaching!

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I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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