26 A to Z Tongue Twisters

26 Tongue twisters with both images and just text formats to help with printing.
( though the image ones look good in B/W as well)

I use these all the time, just for a little bit of fun or as a 5 minute activity in my classrooms. I give the student a letter sound and ask them to go find it on the wall. Then they have to try to say the Tongue twister to me and to the rest of the class. As a little work book it can be used to practice one a week or one a month. You can also video them saying them and send to parents if you use apps like Seesaw or Padlet. It a great and FREE timesaver 😊

I went through the Alphabet to ensure all letters (not all sounds of course) are covered. These are great for activity days and English days in school. (this is where i use them the most!)

Great for activity days, alternative language practice, solo and group work. Can be laminated to make them last and are editable at the moment if you need to change things.

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Happy teaching!

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