Phonetics Quiz IPA

Learn and practice 40 plus sounds and symbols of Phonetic English. Designed for Teachers and Students. 

It is made to be simple and it is made to be effective

There are 3 sections within the app.

Learn: This uses a digital flashcard to allow the user to go through the sounds and symbols to help embed them into memory

Test 1: A simple test that allows the user to listen and see a potential spelling or ‘name’of the sound ( phoneme) and match it to the symbol.

Test 2: A more complex version with no sounds just a potential spelling of the sound and a symbol to match it too.

It is often hard to learn the IPA and i hope this app goes some way to assisting with that. 

I have included contact details and if you would like sounds added / have suggestions

Designed to help teachers and students learn and practice 44 English Phonetic symbols.

This was made to help university students of English test themselves on IPA and on the Phonetic symbols, but can be used at any age.

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