Guess What! The Social Charades game for parties, classrooms and teachers!

Guess What! is a social charades game designed for schools, teachers and students! But why let the fun stay in the classrooms!

There are 20 plus subjects included, and the ability to write and design up to 20 of your own topics and subjects as well.

This means you can choose anything you want. For teachers this means you can add exactly the topics you are teaching with your own vocabulary, for families maybe you can include your own family members, or friends! Be careful not to upset anyone though!

Guess What! is a fun and exciting game that is on one hand great for learning new words and the other a lot of fun at parties and social gatherings. With the ability to write your own subjects it got even more fun!

This game is free to play with 5 subjects and 5 design your own templates included in the free word game, and for a small fee a further 15 subjects and 15 design your own games can be unlocked.

Looking silly is not a requirement to play but it certainly helps as you mime, act, sing, describe, shout and scream your way through the words.

How to play

You just pick the subject and put the phone in front of you so you cannot see the word (that makes it just way to easy!)

Your partner or class or party has to guess the word by acting, describing or miming the word.

When they get it right you can tilt the phone down 90 degrees and it will show the next word.

If your friends or classmates are REALLY bad at acting or just can’t get the word and you need to pass then you tilt the phone up and it will skip and show a new word.

It is that quick and simple a word game.

You have 60 seconds to get as many as you can and then someone else gets to play!

There are many games like this out there, but few that let you customize this many word lists, making the game future proof and personal Popular movies change, Songs come in and out of fashion but now you can design your own games right there in the app and keep it right up to date.

The subjects include:

Around the world
Parts of the body
Weather and disasters
Holidays and festivals
Around the house
Jobs and occupation
Back to school
Super Heroes
In your town

In this paid version there are 20 subjects and 20 design your own templates

Notes for teachers:

I am a teacher of English, so you will see a lot of English subjects, however when I have used games like this I always wanted to make my own lists so I can play with my classes, with this app you can, for any subject!

After a few months of seeing how much useful and fun it is I am offering it here now. I hope it is as useful for you as it has been for me!

I find groups of 5-8 with a tablet or phone works best. It does get noisy, but is great for students of all levels! High ability will lead the actions and acting and less able students will be able to learn by seeing and following their actions, and associating it with the words.

Being able to design the word lists is a huge bonus, and 5 free ones should be ok if you store the other lists on the phone to cut or copy over.

It also offers the chance to have students design their own game and see if in action, this is a great motivator and I will be also putting a lesson plan on the website to help with this.

I will be putting a page on the website ( after a week or two from launch) that will have word lists that may be useful for teachers, and if you are using my app I would like to ask a favour, if you have useful lists please, PLEASE send them through to me and I will post them up there ( with your credit if you wish!) and then other teachers can use, and hopefully add to them

Any issues or thoughts please get in touch at

Happy playing and as always happy teaching!

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