Consonant Blend Worksheets, consonant cluster worksheets, printable free
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Consonant Blend Worksheets

Here were have 20 Printable Consonant blend worksheets, for download and use in home and classrooms. they cover the Main consonant blends as details below and have blend quiz worksheets at the end as well to consolidate learning.

Consonant blend worksheets include:

  • Br consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Bl consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Cr consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Cl consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Sn consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Sk consonant Blend Worksheets
  • sc consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Sm consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Fr consonant Blend Worksheets
  • Dr consonant Blend Worksheets
Consonant blend worksheets, Consonant cluster worksheets

These are suitable for any age of students depending on ability and level. We have assigned these blending consonant work sheets to grade 2, but of course if you have ESL students then you may have to use them in higher grades.

However in native classrooms these should be suitable for grades 1-3 or possibly earlier if there has been phonics instruction already.

Just before the worksheets we have a quick word on Consonant Blends or clusters below. Then, we promise you can get the 20 worksheets!

Consonant blend worksheets, Consonant cluster worksheets

Consonant Blends in English

You may have heard of consonant blends in English. This is because many English words contain consonants that are blended together. These blends are also called initial clusters or blends. Although not sperate sounds they can be confused as such, and the blending of them is a skill that has to be learnt.

Common problems with pronouncing consonant clusters in English

One of the most common problems when learning English is having trouble pronouncing consonant clusters. Whether you are a native English speaker or are a new English learner, consonant clusters are common in the English language.

Pronunciation problems with consonant clusters can arise for many reasons. Some nationalities have general pronunciation problems, while others can’t distinguish the consonant component parts.

Consonant blend worksheets, Consonant cluster worksheets

In Japanese, for example, the word “strike” has four syllables, each with an accompanying vowel. As a result, Japanese people often have trouble pronouncing consonant clusters in the initial and final words of a sentence.

Common words with adjacent consonant clusters

Many words in English have consonant clusters that have three or more letters. Children will learn to blend the consonants together as they learn the English language, and will recognize these words as the spelling of distinct English sounds.

This page has 20 consonant blend and cluster worksheets, including digraphs for download these cover the most common types of adjacent consonant clusters in English and the phonological constraints they represent.

If you’re having trouble pronouncing these sounds, you should try these consonant cluster exercises.

Common problems with pronouncing adjacent consonant clusters in English

Among the many spelling issues that non-native speakers of English face is the issue of how to pronounce adjacent consonant clusters in the correct order. This problem is particularly common in words that require more than one consonant sound, such as “strike,” “access,”

Unlike other pronunciation issues, these problems are harder to learn permanently. However, by using some techniques and strategies, you can train your students to properly pronounce these syllables.

One method is to begin by introducing them through minimal pairs and then gradually move them up to consonant clusters.

Now we promised you some worksheets, and you can download them from the link below.

They cover both the most common Consonant blends, and Consonant Digraphs

20 Consonant Blend / Consonant cluster Worksheets

Consonant Blend Worksheets, consonant cluster worksheets, printable free

You can download from the link below, and we also have some links to other blending and digraph resources we have on the site.

Other Consonant Blend Resources

We have hundreds of worksheets on the site covering all manner of phonics and phonics instruction. We have three aimed at blends and Digraphs below, and a quick search will find you loads more if you need them!

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.

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