Cubo Park – From Bucharest to Penang

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

We visited here for the first time on Saturday ( concerningly the first beer fueled saturday night we have had in prehaps to long) We went on the invite of a friend from a while ago and it turned out to be an Expat event organised by Internations. Who i was blissfully unaware of until this evening, but it turns out they know how to put together an event.

We live just down the road from the venue, but because they hide it well we had never spotted it properly and had never ventured inside.

and welcome we were!

Thats is certainly our loss! it is a great idea, as i hope the pictures justify. It has a local craft market, local and international food, bars, restaurants, little clothes shops, live music all over the place and random planes, scooters and cars jammed into walls for artistic effect. ( fairly common here though – the plane not so much) prices are higher than most places around but it really is a great place to spend an evening and as we do a beer night out about once every six months perfectly affordable for us at least!

Hong Kong food hidden upstairs

There is a Nachos shop on the upper floor and i can certainly recommend them especially the Buffalo chicken Nachos.

The concept seemingly started in Bucharest, and offers local artists, performers and small business a chance to do business without the prices a shopping centre or mall would charge.

It is just starting out so there were some empty spaces, but i seeing how popular it was i cant imagine it will stay empty for long.

If your in the area its definitely worth checking out and i will post the link to it here —>

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