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How to Teach Pronouns and Other Pronoun Tips


Teaching pronouns takes a little planning and a lot of catering to your students. A mixture of formal lessons, games and consolidation activities will be the best approach when teaching pronouns, but it is strongly advised to make these suitable for both the age and ability of the students you teach.

Why is English Difficult For Japanese Speakers: Problems and Solutions


Native Japanese speakers have difficulty in learning English due to a host of factors. Differences in Written forms from Alphabet to Kanji, A lack of exposure to the English, cultural importance on language learning, grammar structures and the fluid nature of English can all cause barriers to learning.

How To Teach Writing To Left handed Students


Teaching left-handed students to write can be achieved with a few adaptations. Using techniques like mirroring, paper positioning and grip training will help left-handed students develop writing skills. Resources specifically designed for left handers are also available like pens, binders and notebooks.

How to Prepare Your Child for A Kindergarten Interview

Kindergarten Interview tips

One of the hardest and most important things you will ever do as a parent is providing your children with a good education. No matter your socioeconomic status, you want your child to have the best possible education and in todays competitive world that… Continue Reading “How to Prepare Your Child for A Kindergarten Interview”

How To Make A Teaching Portfolio

How to make a teaching portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a ongoing story of a teachers skills and abilities, qualifications and observations, teaching philosophies, resources, recommendations, lesson plans and schemes of work . A teaching portfolio can be presented as a physical or digital resource.

Do English Teachers Actually Read Essays?

Although the majority of teachers do read through their students work, there will be definite variation on how detailed this evaluation is

What are the Digraphs in English (And How To teach Them)

An English digraph consists of a pair of letters that placed together make a single sound or phoneme. In English there are both vowel and consonant digraphs.

When Is the Letter Y a Consonant? (and Other Tricky English Letters)

Y can be a consonant predominantly when it is found at the beginning or onset of a word or syllable. Words such as /yes/, /yellow/, /lawyer/ and /kayak/

How to Teach a Child to Read Long Words (tips and Ideas)

how to teach a child to read long words

An effective strategy to teach children to read long words in English is to teach a variety of reading skills. Segmentation of words, phonics, awareness of prefixes and suffixes

Do Spelling Tests Improve Spelling? ( and Alternatives)

Spelling tests should be about more than rote memorization. You can test a student’s ability to spell through specific activities and authentic sources.