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How to Teach Action Verbs, Worksheets, games and Activities?

There are multiple ways to teach action verbs to children. teachers and parents can use physical activities, worksheets and written activities, games and activities and spoken activities. The most effective way to teach is to use a diverse range of methods and resources and to adapt your teaching to your students.

How to Teach the Silent E Rule

Silent E Words, sometimes called Magic or bossy E, is a tricky rule in English, and we will share some great ideas and and tips to help your children and students learn it In a fun, quick and effective way.

Free Magic E Online Games list.

Following on from the great response from teachers in having these games in one easy bookmarked place I have made on for Magic or Silent E as well. These games are harder to find it appears so i hope this will be of use as well. I have played them all and as usual they are a mixed bag. I also have one of mine in App and online form and will put the usual links below it