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When Is the Letter Y a Consonant? (and Other Tricky English Letters)

Y can be a consonant predominantly when it is found at the beginning or onset of a word or syllable. Words such as /yes/, /yellow/, /lawyer/ and /kayak/

How to Teach a Child to Read Long Words (tips and Ideas)

how to teach a child to read long words

An effective strategy to teach children to read long words in English is to teach a variety of reading skills. Segmentation of words, phonics, awareness of prefixes and suffixes

How to Use Virtual Reality (VR) in The classroom?

Virtual reality in classrooms

Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom offers the chance for teachers to explore and enhance their lessons in multiple educational subjects. It can offer Skills training, Immersive experiences, Empathy training, motivation, problems solving and critical thinking all in a first person perspective.