Lovely Alphabet Cards – FREE Version


This is the FREE version

A set of lovely pictures, they are really really nice!, and letters to help young learners with learning both the names and the sounds of English. There are a few versions, but all use the base image which has cute pictures all beginning with that sound or letter around it. These can be used as a matching game or a ‘snap’ type game as i have included a duplicate set in the file.

I have made them to fit on A4 and be cut out if you need different sizes i will make a few different sets and these could be used as cards or even as posters on your classroom or home walls.

Check out the other versions which are designed as worksheets and students have to think of any words they can that start with that letter ( although you could also do the phonetic sounds as well) these are both available as free and as editable if you need. I hope they are helpful to you and feel free to check out the other teaching resources we are adding daily to the site. If you need to be informed then just sign up on the form below.



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