The Which and Who worksheet on this page aims to teach students the differences between which and who and to allow them to practice both the easy, and the more difficult reasons why these words add different meaning to sentences.

Although the differences between which and who are fairly straightforward

  • Which refers to groups, things, choices and if in pace of that it can also refer to a non restrictive determiner unlike /that/ which is a restrictive demonstrative determiner.
  • who refers primarily to people and functions as a interrogative , or relative pronoun.
Wwhich and Who Worksheet

The difference between that and which are more complex however and will be address in an upcoming post. as we focus on grammar points for a while after requests from you guys.

Students however can have some difficulty about which word to use in different situation and this is why we give them this chance to practice.

Each Which and Who Worksheet has the explanation of the difference ( and a little about the difference between that and which in case it comes up) between these terms and then a series of 20 which and who questions to help them practice and perfect their knowledge.

You can download this Which and Who worksheet from the links on the page, unusually it is a single worksheet rathe than a set but it still does its job!

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