Reflexive pronouns worksheets

Reflexive pronouns are used when the action is done by and to the same person, i.e. the subject and object are the same. Reflexive pronouns are formed by combining the possessive determiner and ‘self’.

We have below a five page download of reflexive pronoun worksheets for you to help yourself, your children or your students. it covers reflexive pronouns and has a little quiz to help learn this is information. We cover singular and plural pronouns as you can see below.

reflexive pronouns worksheets

We also discuss some of the common errors that students make when tackling reflexive pronouns and ways to address them.

reflexive pronoun worksheets

We also look at some higher level reflexive pronouns ”emphatic pronouns” which emphasize a noun or another pronoun. You can practice them with the included in these reflexive pronoun worksheets.

you can download the worksheets on the link below. If you are looking at this page on a mobile it will be a link, if its on the pc you can see it has a demonstration of the pages . The download includes explanations and worksheets for you to use with your students.

Although pronouns are introduced very early on in English, there are pronouns that are more complex, these reflexive pronoun worksheets are examples of this. We have aimed these at grade 5 students, but of course it will depend on the level of the students you teach.

We have used these with grade 3 to 6 in our schools and have had success.

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We have a large selection of both pronouns worksheets and teaching advice on the site which you can access with the links below. We also have other parts of speech worksheets and activities you can use if needed. Just use the search in the menu above. They work well with the reflexive pronoun worksheets. to make a levelled collection of resources.

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