Phrasal verbs are a specific type of verb that is made up of two or three words. They can also be called colloquial expressions, phrasal idioms, or idiomatic expressions. They are often spelled as one word and followed by a preposition: “look over,” “take off after,” “go out with.” We have these Phrasal Verb Worksheets to help students both learn and practice.

There are many different types of these verbs such as to break down, to put together, to hang out with someone (meaning you socialize), etc.

Why Does English Have Phrasal Verbs?

English has a unique grammar system that combines comprehensible word order with a word class called verb phrases. The main advantage of Phrasal Verbs is that they allow for new verbs to come into the language through the addition of nouns and adverbs and other grammar functions. This adds depth and volume to the language.

Another purpose of phrasal verbs is that they help with communication issues created by the non-standardization of different dialects and styles of speech. The use of phrasal verbs helps maintain the commonality between these different linguistic styles that might be difficult to express through proper word choices.

Finally phrasal verbs allow people to express things that are vague or not widely understood with clear and concise phrasing. When there is a need for more direct communication, the use of phrasal verbs can allow people to communicate with each other.

Why are Phrasal Verbs Important?

Phrasal Verb Worksheet 3

Phrasal verbs are important because they allow speakers of English to be able to communicate in an efficient way. They also allow them to say things in a creative way.

A good example of this is how people can get across that they would like to buy something without actually saying anything about buying it. For example, if someone is going into a restaurant and wants pancakes, but doesn’t want to order them, he or she can simply say “I’d like some pancakes” They add meaning to communication.

we also have some other phrasal verb worksheets sets as well here on the site you can check out.

Phrasal Verbs Worksheets : Set of 4

In this set of Free Phrasal Verb worksheets (downloadable from the link below) we emphasize the most common phrasal verbs and show how they relate to each other. We have also included a small and short description of the purpose of the phrasal verbs to give an idea of how it can be used.

Students have to identify the word from the descriptions and which phrasal verb they can construct. Most of these will only suit one verb, however there are some hidden in there that may fit both. If students spot this then you can reward them with extra points!

These Phrasal Verb worksheets are designed to help students practice and become familiar with the most common as as well as rarer Phrasal Verbs in both a fun and effective way.

We have two sets of these phrasal verbs worksheets on the site, using 8 of the most common verbs. Both sets are free to download and use.

The first is linked to below

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