Here are Five long vowel spelling worksheets for use in both homes and classrooms. We have missed out the long vowels with their varied spellings to add extra challenges to students. We have also included images that can be colored to help teachers with early finishers and to add a little creativity to the task.

Long Vowels in English can be tricky for students. There are many ways to spell long vowels sounds. One of the best ways to cement this knowledge is to offer different ways to practice. These Free Long Vowel Spelling Worksheets are one way to achieve that.

We have made these Long vowel Spelling worksheets to help you with your students and children. There are also a set of mixed missing letter worksheets on the site as well. We will link to these below. So as not to confuse.

You can download these Free long vowel spelling worksheets on the links below. We hope they are helpful.

5 Reasons Why Spelling Is Important For Students.

Everyone knows that reading is a fundamental part of learning. And while all children should be reading, many kids are still intimidated by books because they cannot spell or decode. This can often lead to their automatic aversion to reading. Here are some reasons why spelling is important for young people today.

Long Vowel Spelling Worksheets
  1. Many people cannot spell. This can result in inhibitions and an unwillingness to participate in lessons
  2. It can lead to lower grades and lower self-esteem. Having low grades will cause students to distance themselves from their homes and teachers
  3. The inability to spell will automatically cause a poor reading experience for young minds. This can be detrimental to the development of their imagination.
  4. Poor spelling can result in a lack of comprehension when reading.
  5. It can highlight issues like dyslexia that can then be addressed professionally.

We will be posting a full guide to the important of spelling on the site soon, along with some tips and guides on how to help students with this often tricky aspect of English. In the meantime we have these two sets of Spelling worksheets to help you .

You can download these spelling worksheets below as a PDF.

Other Spelling Resources.

If you are looking to, or currently , teaching your students about short and long vowel sounds we have also created a set of Missing letter spelling worksheets to help with both spelling and phonics skills. You can check these out here as well. These vowel spelling worksheets are also free to download.

If you are looking for information in the meantime check out this article on spelling difficulties.

I have been a teacher of English for over 15 years, in that time i made hundreds and thousands of resources and learnt so much i think its worth sharing. Hopefully to help teachers and parents around the world.