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What Are The English Conjunctions?

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English conjunctions are words which link sentences, phrases or words together. The most common of these in everyday speech is “and”. But other, less-commonly used ones might be “because”, “but” or “or”.

These conjunctions may be used for a variety of reasons, such as: to introduce a sentence and to link it to the words which follow

to introduce a phrase or clause within a sentence, for example “I have not eaten all my banana” may be amended to “I have eaten all my bananas because I did not like the taste of them.” or “I could not eat all my bananas because I disliked their taste.” Although because is a subordinating conjunction ( more on that later)

See below for a table of examples of other conjunctions.

Examples of Conjunctions and Their Use.

The 7 conjunctions below can be easily remembered using the acronym FANBOYS. It is easy to see why. Our conjunctions worksheets cover all of these, although not all of them cover all of them! We have scaled these conjunctions worksheets so you can give levelled work to your students depending on their ability.

ConjunctionExample of Use
forWe all liked him, for he was a jolly good fellow.
andShe didn’t listen to anyone, and nobody listened to her.
norI don’t want a drink, nor do I want anything to eat.
butThe rushed to the airport, but they were too late.
orI will go to the movies, or I will go to the beach.
yetThe teacher was very harsh, yet his pupils still liked him.
soI was thirsty, so I got a drink from the fridge.

What are Subordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions Worksheet 2

The most common subordinate conjunctions in English are: “because” and “but”. These may be used in order to introduce a reason for something happening, such as “There was an argument because the man was late” or “I will not play football because I am too tired”.

We will put some examples of others below and you can check out this resource for more information.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions

These are less easy to pinpoint as some can take on multiple meanings depending on their role and place within a sentence. However the table below gives examples of these words when they are in the role of Subordinate conjunctions. The conjunctions worksheets are aimed at more of a beginner level of English student so we don’t touch on subordinates.

thatI think that I can win this race.
becauseI always swim after school,  because it relaxes me
ifI can go to university if I pass my exams.
whetherI will always support my son, whether he is good or bad.
whenI could walk when I was 2 years old
howi always wondered how the magician did such amazing tricks.
whyI don’t understand why I wake up early
asI did not like parties when I was young as I was shy.
untilI wasn’t good at running until I joined the team at school.
whileI will go shopping while my children go to school.
lesti did not look at the teacher lest they ask me questions.
whereNo one would tell me where I could find the rest room.
afterI didn’t understand the lesson till after I had left the classroom
as soon asI went to the shop as soon as they opened the door
sinceIt has been such a long time since I went on holiday.

Why Are Parts Of Speech Important?

There are many reasons why parts of speech are important. To start with, they help us understand language what the function of words in a sentence are. . We have examples of worksheets, including articles, prepositions as well as these conjunctions worksheets as well. These are listed below to help you teach these for your students.

The vast majority are free, and there are some in there that we charge for to help us with maintaining the site. Feel free to help if you can.

We also have reading materials on the site and the best deal is the MEGA bundle pictured below. 373 pages of phonics and reading activities , games and worksheets.

Parts of speech also help us understand how the sentence is put together as a whole. Without knowing about parts of speech we may find certain sentences difficult to understand or make sense of them correctly.

Other Parts of Speech resources

We have a Wide selection of resources on the site covering all aspects of English instruction. If you want to check out our free resources just click the link and our shop is available if you want some of the premium resources as well. However if you want the other parts of speech then check out below.








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