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What is a Contraction?

A contraction in English is a word that is shortened by omission of one or more letters and replaced with an apostrophe. They are often used in spoken English. Examples include can’t, won’t, she’s. In writing contractions are used less often, in dialogue between two people for example

There are many different kinds of contractions which will make your English more natural sounding. Learn what they are and how to use them so you will sound more like a native speaker!

Some Examples Of Contractions in English.

The abbreviation “etc. “ is normally not a contraction but is used by writers such as the team at our website to represent additional information. It means “and so on”, and is often used in the context of a series of tasks rather than a list:

Contraction Worksheet 1

In addition, there are several contractions that do exist in English. These include “all right” (usually shortened to “alright” – though this can mean almost anything);

Contractions are also commonly used in texting and email messages. The most common is ‘lol’ (“laugh out loud”). Though there are hundreds of these.

The most common, and grammatical contraction is the use of apostrophe in place of missing letters to help with connected speech. There are numerous examples of these and you can find some of the more common contractions in our contractions worksheets on the download buttons above and below.

Why Are Parts Of Speech Important?

There are many reasons why parts of speech are important. To start with, they help us understand language because we know what words are doing in a sentence. We have examples of worksheets, including more contractions worksheets below to help you teach these for your students as well.

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We also have reading materials on the site and the best deal is the MEGA bundle pictured below. 373 pages of phonics and reading activities , games and worksheets.

Parts of speech also help us understand how the sentence is put together as a whole. Without knowing about parts of speech we may find certain sentences difficult to understand or make sense of them correctly.

Other Parts of Speech resources

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