Free Short Vowel Colouring CVC Phonics worksheets

Who are they for?

I love using these for my younger, and even not so young learners. They just work. The concept is simple, the making of these is not!! it took me an age!

These ones are for the single A E I O U sounds, i will include a link at the bottom for the template and for the big worksheet as well.

They have the five short vowel sounds with long vowels introduced. all the short sounds are inside the body of the animal and for the full, and most of the single worksheets, the words outside the outline of the animal are all long vowels.

How to use these colouring sheets?

Students have to identify the difference between the sounds and colour them according to the key / code on each worksheet.

They really are great to help recognise the difference between long and short vowels, and for teachers they are super easy to mark as its colour coded! for ones where students do a good job they can also be used as a display as well. I have done this most years when I do this activity.

I have two versions on the site, one is the single sounds, more aimed if you introduce the sounds individually, and a bigger worksheet that has all of the sounds and long vowels if you are doing the activity in for later years.

They images are below so you can get an idea of the content.

This is the PDF version, and this is FREE!

if you want the big worksheet with all the vowel sounds in one worksheet they it can be found here :

If you want the editable version to change the words as you need then it is available in the shop here

Most of resources can be premium downloaded below, they are all editable so you can adapt them for your, classes, students and schools. It also helps me with the costs of running the website!

The editable version is so you can change it to suit your classrooms and students. It costs a dollar.

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