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What Are The English Articles?

Articles Worksheets

An article is a word you use in front of a noun to modify it or tell more about it. There are two types of articles: definite and indefinite. An example of an indefinite article is “a.” An example of a definite article would be “the.”

The indefinite article ”an” has a similar use to ”a”. However it is generally used and important to note when the beginning sound of the next word has a vowel sound and is singular. For example: “an” hour , an elephant or an orange.

Indefinite Articles

When do you use the indefinite article ”a” ?

FREE Articles Worksheet 5

You use the indefinite article “a” when you want to talk about a noun without specifying which of those things you mean. For example: If you want to take a taxi you can use the indefinite article “a” because it is not specific, so you say, I will take “a” taxi. It is used when the next word begins with a consonant sound.

When to use the indefinite article ”an”?

When To Use The Definite Article ”the”?

You use the definite article “the” when you want to talk about a noun that refers to a specific person, place or thing or there is more than one. Examples: We bought “the” birdcage over there. They went to the Moon, the dogs are barking.

Why Are Parts Of Speech Important?

There are many reasons why parts of speech are important. To start with, they help us understand language what the function of words in a sentence are. . We have examples of worksheets, including articles, prepositions as well as these articles worksheets as well. These are listed below to help you teach these for your students.

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Parts of speech also help us understand how the sentence is put together as a whole. Without knowing about parts of speech we may find certain sentences difficult to understand or make sense of them correctly.

Other Parts of Speech resources

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