Animals Word Scramble Worksheets
Animals Word Scramble Worksheet

Here we have 8 Animal Word Scramble worksheets and coloring. We have a few of these on the site. They are great for students to learn how to spell animals.

We use child friendly images and texts and these look great in both color and in black and white ( school budgets we know) If you are in a school we can suggest printing and laminating them to make them last longer.

We also have word scramble worksheets for Home, weather and more on the site.

  • Animals 1
  • Animals 2
  • Animals 3
  • Animals 4
  • Sea Animals
  • Australian Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Farm Animals

These 8 Animal Word Scramble worksheets all have Mixed up words and coloring. These are designed to be simple and the answers are included, we also have more advanced reading, writing and spelling sets on the site and workbooks to practice both phonic skills and reading skills.

Other Resources:

If you want to check them out then you can click either this link or the picture below. We put all our premium resources in these bundles.

These animals word scramble worksheets can be used both for home school and in classrooms. We have used this both as part of reading and writing lessons and as supplementary resources for reading corners or English days.

You can download with the link below and above, and if you liked it then please consider leaving a comment for us as well.

More Animal Worksheets and Activities.

We have LOADS of Animal Worksheets on the site three of example.

Animal Dominoes – Options

Why we give resources for free?

Reading and writing skills are the most important skill a child can learn. We have found that commercial options are often designed to employ a spaghetti approach ( throw it at a wall and see what sticks). When buying these reading options that price can be prohibitive.

We feel that the more resources a teacher or parent can have the more chances they will have to engage their children. The price of commercial reader makes this increasingly difficult.

So we prepare these Working and activities that can be downloaded and printed to help add to both a schools and a homes reading resources. It is both why we give these worksheets for free and why we charge so little for our large bundles.

Happy teaching and please reach out if you need help or advice on how to use these.

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