A great adjective activity for all ages.

Adjectives are a great lesson to teach to younger learners. It really helps to expand vocabulary and allow students to express themselves in much more detail. You can teach them a multitude of ways, include physical activities like this one.

This is a whole class physical game to teach adjectives. The game is printable for free and is really great to play, you will need to make sure you have a large enough space to run this activity as the kids get very excited.

We have included the following in the downloadable file below.

  • 30 Adjective images and words
  • Full instructions for teachers and students
  • List of commands for you to use
  • blank page in case you want to create you own.

This is a classic children’s party game that can be changed to suit a variety of teaching subjects. The game requires a little, very little, preparation and pre teaching before you can play it. However the idea is simple enough. All the students are onboard the adjective adventurer ship and have to obey the orders of the captain (you!) when the captain yells out a command all the shipmates have to follow the command by following the action.

Now instead of saying the a nautical command ( the original game has walk the plank, climb the rigging etc.) you can supplement adjectives into the mix. Be beautiful, its cold, hot, warm, cool, I see a big whale, a little fish, scary shark, pirate and many, MANY more. The last one to do the action has to sit out till the next round, or has to do a forfeit ( its a teaching exercise not the Olympics!!) Children love this game and as mentioned it can be used for many different topics. We have prepared some activities to get you started for free, if you want the full set and the other adjectives games and worksheets we have them as premium set. ( cheap of course)

We have a lot of activities coming and already on the site for teachers and parents to use. Including A to Z Adjectives worksheets and .workbooks. We have both free and premium options for you to try.

There is also an article on the best activities to teach adjectives on our site coming in the next few days along with our workbook pack as well.

It is important to start students off as early as possible with the grammar vocabulary.

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