Instructions for Guess What! School and Party edition.

Just a few notes and pictures to help people new to this type of game.

The game has two modes a prewritten game and a write your own game for those who need such things.

Jump right in

Pick a subject and put it on your head. let your friends, family or students guess the word.

This section has 20 subjects that will be added to over time and changed around.

All you do is press the Jump right in button, pick a subject, put the phone or tablet in front of you then let your friends, family or students try to act or describe the words on the screen with out actually saying it.

let your friends, family students try to act or describe the word without saying it!

You tilt the phone down if they get it right and tilt it up if they pass.

Tilt it down if you get it correct.
Tilt up for pass

you have one minute to try!

See how many you can get in one minute

Write your own subjects

this is where you can get creative, there are up to 20 templates that you can create any word list you want. family members, classmates, teachers movies, or music try singing songs and see if you can guess what they are.

it is quite easy to create and then edit the lists you created and the images below will show you how. first you click the write your own button.

Choose write your own
Pick the template or subject you want to edit or press the info button if you have already edited all your templates.
write your title and words and press save.
when you press save it will add to your template lists. this is the edit page so you need to press back to get to the playable list.
and now you can see your subject on your personal list page. press it to play!

Success! You’re on the list.
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