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How Can Phonics Help with Speech Development?

Phonological awareness is a spoken language skill. If this skill can be developed it will be strongly connected to early reading and writing abilities. As these abilities progress then so does the literacy levels of students. These skills includes listening, reading, writing and of course speaking.

How Can Phonics Improve Spelling?

Developing phonological skills can have a significant positive impact on students spelling abilities. They will have the ability to transfer their knowledge of sounds into written words

20 Of The Best Phonics Songs For Kindergarten, ESL And Primary Students.

The best phonics songs for children have to include these key elements: Simple language, repetitive, include the phonics target language and of course they have to be fun. Songs like the phonics song, the Magic E song all include these and will increase students motivation and abilities in both phonics and English.

15 Of The Best ESL Speaking Games And Activities.

We have researched English Speaking Games and activities for all levels, backgrounds and ages of students. Activities like the ”Yes/No game. Call My Bluff, On Call” can all be scaled to address students needs. Utilizing speaking games for English students is a proven way of maximizing participation and retention of language.

12 of the Best Free Online Long Vowel Phonics Games.

Long vowel sounds can be a difficult skill for learners of English. There are varied spelling and pronunciation rules to be practiced learnt and consolidated. We have found online long vowel games that are used by teachers in classrooms daily. These include Magic E, Diphthong, vowel digraph and R controlled online vowel games.

14 of the Best Free Online Short Vowel Phonics Games.

Short vowel sounds can be a difficult skill for learners of English. There are spelling and pronunciation rules to be learnt and implemented. We have found online short vowel games that are used by teachers in classrooms daily. These include CVC, spelling, matching, listening, reading vowel games.

20 Free Adjective Activities With Resources

There are multiple ways to teach adjectives to children. teachers and parents can use physical activities, worksheets and written activities, games and activities and spoken activities. The most effective way to teach is to use a diverse range of methods and resources and to adapt your teaching to your students.

The Best Tips For First Year Teachers

These teaching tips for first year teachers come from experience and include concrete actions. Dealing with parents, effective class management, dealing with students issues and problems, motivating and engaging students and upskilling are all covered here.

What is the Best Age for Children to Learn a Second Language?

The optimum time to start to introduce second language techniques and strategies to children is at around 10 months to 18 months old. This is dependent on the educational environment and background. Although there is debate about when second language teaching should be introduced there is consensus that it should most certainly start prior to around 10 years old.

How to Use Blooms Taxonomy in the Classroom?

There are many effective ways to use Bloom’s in the classroom. Teach using each of the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. Make sure to keep in mind is that each level has a purpose and value.