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How to Teach Summarizing Reading Strategies.

Summarizing skills require students to cut text down to only the essential information. to make is easy and quicker to read, understand and process. It is one of the core seven reading comprehension strategies and is closely related to determining importance skills in text.

Resources to Teach the Visualizing Reading Comprehension Strategy.

We have over 10 different activities to teach Visualizing to children and students, the key is to encourage the use of imagination and being able to express that verbally or on paper. so to help we have  included artistic response, using drama, picture walks, imagining, arts and craft resources and many more

10 of the best Free blends and digraph games online.

Consonant blends and Consonant digraphs can be tricky to teach. I am a teacher and have a collection of online games from this site, Kisi phonics and Education.com, Top Marks and more that teach and practice both these phonic rules. They include digraph sort and matching games and digraph sound recognition and are suitable for all ages.

How big was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

The meteor that is thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs, or at least caused the conditions that did is estimated to be about 10 to 15 kilometers wide. The reason it has such a large carter of over 150km across, called the Chicxulub crater is it was a Ferrari of meteors and was travelling really fast at about 20 km per second. Which is about 72000 kilometers an hour!

How to teach Your Child to read

I have just had a Parents evening, as a teacher not a parent. In fact, I am an English teacher and one of the most common questions I get from parents is asking ”How can I teach my child to read?”. I explain it… Continue Reading “How to teach Your Child to read”

18 ideas on How to Teach English to children at Home

There are pages upon pages of advice and resources on how to teach English in Schools. Schools with all their resources, trained staff and designated curriculum. There is much less advice and help out there for teaching English in a home school setting. So we have prepared these 18 Easy ideas on how to teach your children English at home.