The other lists is getting HUGE so i thought it might be time to start to catagorise them, the link on Amazing teaching resources has everything from Maths to Music the one below, and much easier for me to maintain! is the English Resources one. There are still absolutely loads of companies offering help at this difficult time.

I will update this regularly so it may be worth bookmarking it!


123 Homeschool: 300,000 free worksheets for Kindergarten to K12. English ( lots) Maths, History, geography and more.

2 Simple Purple Mash: Quizzes , games, racing games covering maths and English spelling and grammar. Guidance and how to use during this time.

Age of learning: includes ABC mouse, Adventure Academy and Reading IQ are all offered free during this time. Fill in the form for more information.

All Kids Network: Thousands of activities, kids crafts colouring and more. Free to download and use.

Arcademics: Free games website covering both English and Maths. Free all the time.

BrainPop: Multi subject lessons and resources including ESL ( they call it ELL) Free for all schools affect by CoVid 19.

BreakoutEd: Online games covering loads of subjects including English, all free online now to help.

Curriculum Associates: Free Reading and multi Grade resources during the school closure for both schools and families.

CircleTime: Fun free Activities with video instructor, use the code homefun1

ClubSciKidz: These guys offer fun cooking and home science activities and will be posting one a week for students to try at home!

Dog on a Log: Free Phonics and English gameboard and printables

DreamScrape: Free Reading game for Elementary students ( proper game) Free all the time

EDUPrintables: These guys have found 19 worldwide museum offering virtual tours, these could be great for the kids stuck in the house!

EdReady: Learner personalization to help with maths and English. High school and up really.

Epic: Epic has ( I am so pleased!! ) given access to students caught at home during the school closures. You have to set up your class, but it does give access to 40000 books for reading at home in English ( mainly) some Chinese, French and Spanish.

ESL Library: All Standard Members upgraded to the Plus package. Digital teaching resources and tools for schools affected.

Flash Academy: We have created free home learning project packs for pupils with English as an additional language: Loads of free easily accessible resources here.

FluentKey: Online platform and videos offering Free month with the code StaySafe

GimKit: Gimkit is a quiz learning game for students and teachers, created and maintained by students. … As they complete quizzes, students earn money to reinvest in Gimkit upgrades that align with their strengths. Use your Gimkit dashboard to view student progress and earnings and additional formative data. Students can interact with other players in an attempt to be at the top of the leader board. They are offering to extend the limit of free kits you can make during this time. They will also allow you to keep all additional kits made.

Hooked on Phonics: Not free but a Dollar for the first month. Might be worth a look.

Making English Fun: My online games and resources are being used by teachers here in Hong Kong for phonics and English practice. These are always free as well.

Phonics Hero: Systemic Phonics using step by step approach, 850 games and 44 sounds. On tablets and computer. 30 days Full access. no payment. Teachers can add 30 students ( you can email to add more)

Quizizz: Make your own free interactive quizzes, its free all the time

Quizlet: Make and use Quizzes, includes assessments , also free all the time.

Scholastic: This publisher has created a website they will add to weekly with free content. I will be using this! They are offering multiple grade levels as well.

Shurley: Free digital readers and resources for schools affected by the closures. Email them the details requested here.

Starfall: Interactive readers and games for young learners, its always free

Teachers Pet: UK based Free resources, activities and worksheets, covers early years through to Keystage 2. Look very nice! I even signed up šŸ™‚ these are Free downloadable packs for Early to KS2 and they have Free month options on there as well!

Twinkl: Huge resource, reading and game website that has an offer to help schools and teachers affected by the Cornona Virus.

Udemy: Free English listening course and videos

Zinc: Zinc has a suite of online literacy tools for 6th-12th grade students. They offer differentiated authentic articles, vocabulary games, and close reading instruction. Their Reading Sprints are great for self-paced long-term assignments. Zinc is offering free use for all students and teachers impacted by coronavirus closures. Licenses will go through July 2020.

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FREE Educational Companies subscriptions and resources for the coronavirus (covid-19) School closures

If you are a provider with FREE resources and wish to be added to this please email me on , to make it easier for me! please write a one or two line description of what you provide and a link please.

However I am a member of quite a few Facebook groups and there have been more and more educational companies offering to either give free resources, or a months free subscriptions. So I will highlight the ones I am aware of here, with a BRIEF DESCRIPTION of what they do, (there are so many) it has to be brief as there are quite a few, and i expect a few more to appear in the coming weeks as more and more countries start to have to close kindergartens, schools and universities. I hope they help, there is also a list on Amazing Teaching Resources and on my page that is updated regularly but for those who cant access google or Facebook i will try to keep it up to date here.

A little randomly, but if you are at still at school i made a wash your hands poster (6 of them actually) for younger students it has the instructions as well if needed. Who knows it might help.

Finally, I had to put this together fairly quickly! SO if you spot anything that has changed or i got wrong drop me a message on the bottom right, or email me on the form at the bottom of the page cheers all, and stay safe!

Here are the companies so far. They are a mixed page across most core subjects, there are also an impressive number of software options from screen recording to live conferencing options there as well.

Updated 17th March

Accessibyte: Educational apps for blind and visually impaired students of all ages, 45 days free but will extend if needed.

Activity Learn: Online platform that allows teachers to upload their pdfs, google docs etc and send them on to students to complete. Free Access.

Active History – History resources for 11-18 years olds, free month trial on request. ( first history resource i have seen offered so far

Adobe Connect: Web conferencing platform and sharing free from this week for new users. (no need for downloads) we are providing free 90-day access for Adobe Connect, until July 1st, 2020. Individuals and business who arenā€™t customers can now use Adobe Connect rooms with up-to 25 participants for free for up to 90 days if they sign-up for a trial license between now and July 1st. 

Age of Learning: reading and games for Pre school to Primary. FIll in a form in the U.S. and access this page for the rest of the world (its coming)

AlephBeta: A Torah resource site now offering free subscriptions. It has podcasts, videos et al

Amaze: Adolescent sexual health education ( taking the stigma out of it) . Videos and resources to help It is also always free The American Chemistry Organisation has free articles and biographies for high schoolers etc. Its always free.

Arcademics – Loads of free games for maths, language learning and some geography online games ! IT IS A GREAT SITE!

Bark: Free education on online safety for families.

beEd: Educational Platform software for schools ( Finnish Company) 6 month free subscription for affected schools

BeeLine: A chrome plugin to help students ( and anyone) read easier onscreen. Maybe useful considering how much students will be looking at screens now. Free until September

BetterChinese: Mandarin language learning programmes for preschool to advanced. Now free access for schools and others because of CovVid-19.

BlocksCad: Computer Aided Design Software for schools. Now free premium options for all affected schools till end of the school year. Fill in the form required.

Chalk Academy: Free Chinese resources for young learners

Classroom Cereal: Grammar Practice and short stories Free and printable.

Classtime: Classtime supports teachers to make home-based learning engaging and effective for students of all ages: Free access to premium features during the outbreak

Data Classroom: Graphs creation App and statistical analysis, that has comparisons on the Spanish Flu, and Corona Virus to help explain. 90 day trial and can request more if this isn’t over.

Difusion Campus: Resources for Spanish teachers free sign up.

Digital Learning Academy: 32 Full STEAM courses with lessons, resources and activities. Teachers have access for free, but have to email george@digitalmediaacademy.orgĀ  to request.

EDUPrintables: These guys have found 19 worldwide museum offering virtual tours, these could be great for the kids stuck in the house!

ESL Library: 1000’s of lessons and resources for ESL teachers: All standard members will be upgraded to Plus during the outbreak and all the Pandemic material and CoronaVirus Support is now free.

EveryDae: Free S.A.T Maths TEST preparation site usually 19 USD a month and now free!!! use the code HOMEPREP and this link

Flash Academy: EAL Support and Free resources! This free pack is suitable for all schools to support EAL pupils learning from home due to the Coronavirus. It covers topics from Story Telling and Literacy to Geography and UK culture, providing up to 4 weeks of work.

Fluency and Fitness: Exercise and brain game videos! Free Subscription for parents during the school closures

Fluent Key: They turn real life videos into interactive games. Languages include , Chinese Spanish, English and French. One month free with the code STAYSAFE

Gamiapp: platform to create or make learning games : Always free

Geo Polaris: Geography text book lessons and assessments: Contact them by email

Gimkit: Gimkit is a quiz learning game for students and teachers, created and maintained by students. … As they complete quizzes, students earn money to reinvest in Gimkit upgrades that align with their strengths. They will extend the number free kits you can make during the outbreak and will also allow you to keep all additional kits made.

GoNoodle: Free movement and children fitness videos. Very popular and free all the time.

Teachers Pet: UK based Free resources, activities and worksheets, covers early years through to Keystage 2. Look very nice! I even signed up šŸ™‚ these are Free downloadable packs for Early to KS2 and they have Free month options on there as well!

13th March Update

Just click the name of the company to go to the offer on their website.

2 Simple : Learning Software from the UK, focus on IT, English, and Maths skills. They offer advice on how to use during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

admit hub: To support the higher education community during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering free access to the AdmitHub platform so you can provide clear, immediate answers about the outbreak.

Alchemie: Chemistry resources and modeling software. To assist those of you who are moving to an online learning environment, we are making all content in the Mechanisms app free during the next few months.
1) Download the app from the AppStore or Google Play
2) Create an account
3) From the settings page, enter the Course Code: covid19

Book Creator: Make online and PDF books, as simple or as complex as you want. They have now offered the premium option of collaboration ( for distance learning) for free. They also have created a set of resources on how to use Book Creator during this time. I love this resource! You have to start the collaboration trial then fill in the form on their page to access.

BrainPop: Many schools in countries around the world have had to close temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak. Recognizing the enormous impact this situation has on a school community, we are offering free, unlimited use of BrainPOP to any school, anywhere, that is closed due to the coronavirus during the period of their closure.

Teach English Online

Breakout Edu: 35 Fun and Interactive games hosted to help teachers and students during this time. covers general studies, maths , science and English

Buncee : In order to assist schools experiencing closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, weā€™re offering free Buncee Classroom accounts during the period of their closure, so that students can continue communicating and learning wherever they may beClick here to request your account.

Century tech: CENTURY is offering free support to all schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Your students will receive access to thousands of CENTURY’s learning resources in English, maths and science.

Circle time: Kids Classes from Home. Watch on-demand or participate live. Learn and bond with your 0-6 year old. Follow and interact with an expert instructor. There is a code on the google doc: homefun1

CiscoWebCx: A remote learning platform offered for free, they have support for teachers and students on how to access.

class dojo: Communication tool, and positive reinforcement in class. Allows parents, students and teachers to engage in the lesson and the learning. Free and great to use!

Classhook: Access the premium content by using the link on the title. Offers Video resources for students across all subjects

Classroom Secrets: Educational games site across multiple grades it is free until April and appears to cover English and maths.

CommonLit Free Digital lessons, books and resources. ( free for teachers) Great online book resource!

Conjuguemos: They have a use without account option that offers games and activities in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin!! and Korea

delta math: Always free Maths website for middle school and up.

deck toys: Interactive Lesson platform, it says they are running a FREE 3-month access to our domain-wide Pro Plan to all schools and institutions in view of COVID-19. I couldn’t find where this was though, Feel free to let me know if you see it.

Discovery Ed: They have created a special channel to assist Educators and parents discuss the CoranaVirus Outbreak in a educational context

Dyslexia Academy: They have set the most popular resources to free during the pandemic

EcoBallet: Offering free access to those schools and institutions that need to hold elections during this Covid-19 outbreak

Edconnect: Video Conferencing software that can be used for lessons, share screen etc

Edmodo: Distance Learning Toolkit. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and impact school communities, we want to do what we can to help. Teachers, students, and parents can use Edmodo to communicate and continue educationā€”always for freeā€”even when in-person learning isnā€™t possible.

Edpuzzle: Video lesson creation, and lessons from other teachers Is your school closed (or getting ready for a potential closure) due to the coronavirus? If the answer is yes, we’d like to help keep you and your colleagues connected with your students during this difficult time.

Ed perfection: Offering free access till May 1st: An online learning platform allowing teachers to assess and assign work to students. Covers all core subjects and has over 1 million students enrolled.

Eduflow: Course creation platform, free for the next four months

Edulastic: Are offering free premium features till July the 1st: Present mode, Co teacher and express grader.

Edu together: Online learning, staff development, and technology platforms

Elemntari : Elementari is a K-12 online platform to read, write, code, share, and remix interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds. Fill in the form for free access till May 2020.

Emile: Games and Activities for primary ages students, literacy and maths included: Students’ education is being impacted by Coronavirus across the world. Emile is part of the education ecosystem and our mission is to help. So with this in mind we are offering free access to Emile for ANY school affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Epic: 35000 plus digital books, quizzes and lessons on thousands of subjects, free trial for a month. ( free for teachers)

Epraise: Homework and message service free for a month often used with Google classrooms

Explain Everything: Online Whiteboard free access for schools affected by corona virus.

FlipGrid: Lesson planning and video creation tool. Here is a way better explanation from seedreadsucceed.

Fluency matters: Free Language software for 21 Days from sign up

Freckle: Differentiated instruction platform, free for K – 8 students.

Geniely: Create Info-graphics and presentations Premium templates now available for free. For everyone. Forever. Genially aims to facilitate remote and distance learning.

Go Guardian: How to use this software for remote learning.

Gynzy: Interactive Whiteboard software, the all-in-one educational software that combines standards-aligned lessons, bite-sized games & activities, and class management tools to unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard.

Hippocampus: Free videos, always free actually to add to your remote learning lessons.

Good to learn: Online Maths and Englihs lessons with a 14 day free trial

Google Classroom et al: Many schools using this and google suite to assign and assess students work ( especially here in Hong Kong.)

Hapara: Access to the Hāpara Instructional Suite to facilitate the transition to online virtual classroom management, free till end of June

Icomputer: At iCompute we recognise the huge impact this situation has on a school community and are offering free access to our online Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources for any school (anywhere) that is closed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) during the period of closure.

Idea: Free and self directed learning courses, could be useful during this outbreak. You get a certificate from Buckingham palace!

Kahoot: Ag Great interactive quiz app and platform, used before the outbreak, and will be really helpful during it!! Now offering Free premiere content for schools closed due to the coronavirus.

Kami: Free until April 30th for school affected by Covid-19.

Kahn Academy: This is a great resource at the best of times, now it has offered advice and support for parents and teachers on how to use the platform during this outbreak.

kids discover online: Cross curricular online platform free access for affected schools with unlimited access.

Kognity: Free access to schools affected, provides digital and interactive books/textbook resources.

Labsland: Remote access to real labs, free access for as long as they can, but summer 2020 at the moment! Instructions on their page.

Learning Apps – Free Learning games and apps

Listen wise: Listening quizzes and podcasts, free access to the premium content for schools affected by Covid-19

Making English Fun: My resources are free all the time anyway, but just in case you came here and didn’t know. Phonics and English games, lessons, worksheets and apps. just look at the menu across the top.

Manga high: Maths resources and games offering  full access to Mangahigh during school closures for any schools who are impacted by COVID-19 so learning doesnā€™t have to stop

Microsoft: How Microsoft and Microsoft teams can help during the school suspension and classroom absence.

MobyMax Interactive learning software for schools free during the coronavirus. sign up details on their page.

Mozi: Mozi is a research-supported platform that helps instructors create writing prompts across the curriculum with a matching interface for students to construct their essays. When students use Mozi, they create focused, organized, evidence-based writing in any course

Mystery Science: To help all these teachers during school closures, we at Mystery Science just finished going through all our lessons, pulling the easiest ones to do from home, and putting them all up for free on a page to make it easy. No signup required, no student loginā€”we just want to help.

Nearpod: Interactive and student paced lesson creation software. Extending access to affected schools, check their page for details.

Newsela: Advice on preparing for school closure

Otus: Free remote learning platform for K – 12 covering data and assessment analytics

Packback Packback is an AI-supported online discussion platform that enables curiosity-based student discussion. Mainly Higher Education it will be free till the end of semester or academic quarter.

Parlay: Discussion and peer feedback platform, free till end of April

Penpal schools At PenPal Schools we are offering free access to our programming to all teachers and schools affected by the virus.

Prodigy: Curriculum aligned maths platform that is free forever.

Pronto: Remote learning hub video conferencing that is free during this time.

Sciencewerkz 5 free editions of this science resource for middle school.

Screencastify: Screen capture software free for schools affected.

Seesaw: Great for communicating and setting work, assessing etc during the closure

Seterra: Geography resources for schools, free memberships for those affected. See details on their page.

Sightreading: A music platform to help with reading music free till June

Slido: Software to help communications during live lessons and conferencing

Smartmusic: SmartMusic is a web-based suite of music education tools that support efficient practice, helping musicians to develop and grow.

Smarttech Online learning platform covering both student and teacher paced lessons.

Solfeg: Advice and software to help with the teaching of music online.

Storyboard: Storyboard software free till April 15th.

Tailor Ed: Online differentiated multi grade science instruction.

Techsmith: Screen recording and online platform, advice for the cornona virus

Tes Blendspace: The TES website has loads of resources for free download.

Twinkl: Twikl is a huge and worksheet website. They are offering premium subscriptions for those affected by the cornoavirus.

Tynker: Computer coding lessons with free access just file in the form on their page and use a school email address.

Vidcode: Computer Science curriculum and lessons. Free until may 2020.

Voces Digital: Voces is a collection of world language titles covering Spanish levels 1-APĀ®, French levels 1-3, and ESL levels 1-4, and incorporating grammar, vocabulary, and comprehensible input-based approaches to language learning

Vooks: Online Reading resources and animated stories Free for teachers for a year! and Free for parents for a month.

Vroom: Free educational tips and science explanation for parents of children 0 to 5 available by app, text, and printables.

Wakelet: Education resources and information to help children and students understand the coronavirus.

Zearn: Maths learning software for maths instruction.

Zoom: video conferencing software, up to 100 people and 40 mins at a time for free.

Well the response is overwhelming and frankly a full time job now. It is so good to see the educational world pull together over something like this and hopefully it bodes well for the future. The guys at Amazing Educational resources are putting the offers and have added it to a Webpage as fast as they can. So rather than recreate them here with the ones i know about I have added those ones to their list and will instead focus a different post on the English / ESL resources as 99% of you that use this site are teaching English. Great work everyone their link is here

So if you know of an English Subject related company offering services please let me know. We already have been approached by Teachers Pet in the UK and will be offering their giveaway soon!

There is also a Google Docs file being added to ( I think by Amazing Teaching Resources as well) which if you can access Google (I know some can’t which is why i put this together) The link to this is HERE

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Making English Fun has an Online Store!

The resources are increasing on the site by quite a rate now and they take a serious amount of time to put together. I am of course still offering them for free in both the teaching resources section and in the new store. However over the course of the next month i will be changing some to PDF from PowerPoint so if you want to download the editable ones for free now is the time!

So the store will be full of all the editable versions of the resources so you can change them to suit your students, classrooms and schools! so i hope that is helpful to you.

However i will be offering coupons to those who are in desperate need and to the Facebook group and the subscribers! So if you wanted a reason to subscribe this is a good one. I will be doing giveaways once a month enough to grab a couple of resources šŸ™‚

So why now, and why chargeable after 6 months. The cost of running the website isn’t that cheap so hopefully this will cover the cost. If its a struggle for some of you then the coupons will help.

We are quite excited about it as it s the first time we have tried to run a store. If you have any suggestions or ideas we are more than happy to listen to them, especially if you have run a store or site before.

Premier Tefl English Language Test Banner

We are also looking at putting together an E-book this year, but that is likely to be totally free as it will be a collection of lesson plans and activities to help new and experienced teachers as they progress on their ESL journey.

In the meantime enjoy the site, download what you need soon! and if you can help out we are very grateful and I hope the resources are useful for you.

Don’t forget to subscribe for the free giveaways and feel free to come join us on Facebook where we have a growing community of teachers! The link is one the Facebook page linked either at the side if you are on a desktop or near the bottom if you are on mobile.

Happy teaching and stay in touch! I have put some examples below just to show you all what it looks like now!

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Home Schooling during the Novel Corona Virus.

Well i am a teacher based in Hong Kong so we find ourselves under a defacto quarantine arrangement. I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago and decided not to post it in the hope it would have all blown over. However students are now out of school until the 16th of March, and teachers are being asked to come up with online learning activities to try to bridge the gap. This is no small task and for some of us to switch to online learning with out being able to properly teach the students ( and lets be honest the teachers) how to access, interact and utilize these resources has its challenges.

There are many online resources, but most of the full in depth programs require a certain amount of pre-teaching before hand. So it leaves us with a little problem. I have tried to find ones that keep this to a minimum, and hopefully this is needed for a short a time as possible. When its all over i will be so happy to get back into the classroom, change the title to just homeschooling resources and drop the Corona Virus part!

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but i can try to point us all in the right direction. I have found and located some good resource sites that homeschooling parents and teachers have been using for years. It should help you find something, though of course not every site will fit your particular needs there is something for everyone here.

Feel free to take a look of them, i have tried to find ones that are totally free but there are some mixed in where the payment or subscription is worth considering.

If you need English specific Websites put a post about online learning as well here.

1. TED-Ed

Ted talks are superb for older learners, so more suitable for upper Primary ages. Most of the talks, and they are on so many different subjects, will have subtitles in your native languages so it doesn’t have to be all about English. The speakers are world leaders in their fields and the talks come with lessons and ideas to explore all for free. Great for everyone not just homeschooling.

2. Reading Eggs

You have to pay for this one, but they have a free trial, so you can see if it suits you first. It teaches reading with games and activities and is aimed squarely at younger learners it is really popular so that free trial is definitely worth a look!

3. Khan Academy

Totally free and absolutely fantastic, This group offers an ever expanding library of free lessons on science, history, maths at levels from Kindergarten upwards. It has videos and plans to go through either at school or at home. It is completely free to use and is a superb resource for either full lessons or idea generation for teachers.

4. Quizizz

A great Kahoot style site that allows teachers to create and make quizzes for any subject or topic they like. These can be assigned and marked and even linked to google classroom. They are a little more kid friendly than the google forms version.

5. NASA Education

This, as you would imagine, has a lot of STEM and Science based activities and games. It covers the whole K1 – 12 year groups, and is great to build motivation knowing it is NASA who designed all of these.

6. Project Gutenberg

Basically a free online library, with over 60000 books. If you need reading resources they also have a good collection of classic and modern children’s literature as well. If you need to set reading work this could certainly come in handy

7. Steve Spangler Science

Great science activities from this site, there are videos, lessons, activities and links to know more. I use this in my lessons and it will be just as fun and useful in a home environment. I really enjoy these ones.


A useful and informative site that is great for beginners and for those who have been homeschooling for a long time. It has a forum, which offers a level of interactivity for the teacher or homeschooler and means you can ask other more experienced homeschooling parents for advice and tips.

9.  HowtoSmile

This is simply an awesome resource. Math and STEM lessons, information and activities from museums and teachers. over 3000 at last count. it is designed to be after hours activities so perfect for home environments, though i also use them in school a lot. I like it so much i made the title bigger to grab your eye šŸ˜‰

Accredited Online TEFL

10. The Activity Mom

Written and maintained by classroom teachers who are collaborating to share the resources they have developed for others. It is aimed firmly at younger students and the activities are both fun and educational! Lots of good ideas and free resources here.

11. PowerMyLearning

This is an online platform that has thousands of games, activities and videos from kindergarten to year 12. It covers all school subjects and can be used both in school and out of school! Did i mention its free!!

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