Magic E mix and Match.

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Welcome to Magic E mix and Match Word game part of the Making English Fun learning English series of word games. 

A SIMPLE three word game learning tool to help children and students with decoding words using simple phonics and grammar rules and word games. 

Designed to be played on phones, tablets and in the classroom it is a useful tool to help students learn and practice listening, spelling and using Magic E words.

Magic E Mix: This Word game asks students to rearrange Magic E words so they have the correct spelling and try to say as many as they can in the 60 Seconds.

Magic E Match: This word game asks students and children to find the matching picture or word till they have all the matching pairs using Magic E and CVC words. 

Magic E Quiz: This has a mix of Magic E words and CVC / Phonic words for students to listen to and then answer the questions. It is better played with headphones.

Teaching Phonics in the home and the classroom is always a useful tool for students of English and using word games really helps with this. It can be a challenge for children to recognize the difference between English Phonic sounds and some of the lesson programs can be a little repetitive. I notice a lot of people have word games for teaching the phonics sounds but not so many to teach how to construct words once they have learnt those sounds or about the grammar

The English games and phonics games i am making are aimed at teachers and parents to follow the little and often method of teaching these skills and phonic sounds. 

The best way to do this is not to play and play and play these word games but to dip in once or twice a week to practice and learn. This is why i have kept the word games simple and not to addictive! 

I hope you and your students/children have fun learning with these word games and that you are all reading in no time!

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