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How To Make Online Teaching Fun

In the coming months and years it is going to be of vital importance that we all, as teachers, learn how to make our online teaching more fun and engaging. This can be achieved in a number of ways, learning the technology, using games in our lessons, using safe social networks, lesson designs, going on virtual field trips, showing patience with your students, increasing interactivity and many more

25 + Zoom Activities for Elementary Children

Here are over 25 Zoom Activities to add to your lessons to help make your students time on Zoom more productive. We have different categories of Zoom activities, English speaking, listening, writing and reading, physical Zoom games and dances, art over Zoom, and PowerPoint quizzes and Games and some online games that work well over zoom as well.

We need a word about online learning

what age to start guided reading

Not sure the last 6 month field test of online learning gave us the answers we were looking for, it certainly raised a lot of questions though.