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Do All Sentences Need an Object?

A sentence in English does not require an object to convey meaning and understanding. However, an object adds clarity and meaning to sentence structures

Do Adverbs Always End in -ly?

The majority of adverbs do end in ”ly” but it is not a set rule. There is more to consider than just the ending spellings of words to determine what meaning to apportion to them

The Best Free Online Sentence Games

Sentence games are a successful way to introduce both the initial concepts of sentence construction to young learners, and then extending that learning with more complex structures

What To Do When Phonics Doesn’t Work

Methods such as whole language instruction, balanced literacy, and Native Instruction are alternatives to phonics and work well for many children, including those with Dyslexia.

What is the Best Age for Children to Learn a Second Language?

The optimum time to start to introduce second language techniques and strategies to children is at around 10 months to 18 months old. This is dependent on the educational environment and background. Although there is debate about when second language teaching should be introduced there is consensus that it should most certainly start prior to around 10 years old.

100+ Fantastic Fun Phonics Worksheets and activities

The phonics worksheets we have linked below will follow this format. We include the following phonics worksheets

Single Sounds and Onset and Rime Worksheets
CVC Worksheets
Long and Short Vowels Worksheets
Blends and Digraphs Worksheets
Syllable Worksheets

We have put these into collections which are also highlighted on the page where needed as well. The individual worksheets are free

Five Ways To Make Learning To Read More Fun

adorable blur bookcase books

Five was to encourage reading for children!

Globalisation in an Educational Context

Education and globalization facts and figures and information on how this will affect education in the coming decade