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    Fully Editable – 4 Syllable Worksheets and Answer Keys – Differentiated learning versions


    I love teaching these in my classrooms, it really adds understanding and comprehension to even beginning and young learners of English. The ability to cut and put a word together is a really important skills for English learners and i hope these help you achieve this.

    I have made a video below that introduces the worksheets to save you time before you download.

    I teach it initially by using the clap method, where students clap out the chunks of the word, and also introduce the open mouth method (where your month opens for each syllable.

    Once they have a good grasp of that i also introduce how we make a syllable, the vowel sounds of the word for the basis, and ask them to try to find the syllables in words. This requires students knowing what vowel sounds are first, but i have resources on this as well. It is not always the easiest way to teach it which is why i leave it till they have fully understood the idea of what a syllable is. I often find that they will count the vowels, which is definite progress but doesn’t always work ( it doe sometimes which can make it even more confusing for the students) I have tried to include words that have vowel digraphs in them in these worksheets so that you have words to explain how this method works.

    I have also tried to include words that incorporate some of the other skills i have written about recently as well, such as diphthongs and the letter Y sounds.

    These four worksheets are differentiated for different level of learners. so if you have mixed ability classrooms then these should be of use.

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    Soundopoly = Phonics and CVC 3 Version Bundle – Fully Editable


    This is the fully editable Version. You can change and adapt it to suit your class, students and school!

    This is an awesome self directed learning activity. Just split your class into groups of 2-4 and give them a counter and a dice. They will play this game for ages and you can monitor their progress as they are all engaged in the lesson.

    This version has three games, I have more though, it is CVC and CCVC words, onset and rime and blends. Great for young learners. It took SOOOOO long to make 😛

    It is based on the popular Monopoly game but I have adapted and remade it for phonics. I love playing this with my students.

    Teacher Instructions

    • Give each player a counter and put a dice on each board
    • Ask them to read, or go through the rules on the board. You might have to explain what each corner means.
    • Player throws and moves their counter to the box and then does the task or reads the word. If they do It correctly they can put their points on the score sheet.
    • First to 100 ( or what ever you say wins.)
    • Can have up to four people play.
    • I have fully editable versions but they are 2 USD as it took me AGES to make this 😛
    • Hope you enjoy it its worked great in my ESL classroom.
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    Animopoly – Animal Classroom and Riddle Game Fully Editable Version


    This is the fully editable version of the Animopoly game, so you can change it to suit your students, schools and classrooms.

    As teachers we all love teaching students about animals, there is something that just catches the imagination about this topic. This resource came after making another Monopoly type game for phonics and CVC words, and some other language elements, and i though the idea could be used for other vocabulary elements, so i have started with animals. The download is at the bottom of this page. The name came out of my head, so if you have any better ideas please let me know!!

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-dnYY9eYS0?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]
    This game follows the very basic format of the old board game monopoly but has animals instead of streets, the instructions are here and on the file as well. I have written them for students and for teachers.

    However i do have the PowerPoint versions of these as well. These will cost $1 USD when i put them up. Just because it took such a long time to make! If you are in desperate need of the editable one you can email me on the link below, or sign up as I do giveaways of the editable versions of the big resources for subscribers as well.

    These games are great for both student and teachers, as the students are fully engaged and it frees up the teacher to focus on students needs as they are working ( or in their mind playing) It also turns the lesson into student centered instead of teacher centred and this results on more students on task.

    Did i mention it is great to see them having fun as well 😉 IF you want more like this please sign up, and if you watch the video then subscribe as well!!