• Long and Short Vowels Workbook

    50+ Phonics and Reading Skills Workbook – Long and Short Vowels


    Over 50 Teacher Made Phonics, Long and Short Vowel worksheets, games and activities. 

    The printable activities you will find in this workbook are designed to focus on the vowel sounds   in English.   These short and long vowel sounds are an integral part of phonics instruction. We have   over 50 worksheets   and activities to help practice and master these often tricky sounds. We   have included  some revision   materials to remind students and children about short vowels and constructing simple CVC words. Then   we   move onto the differences between long and short vowel sounds. There is a considerable focus on this as it   can take a little time for students to fully master these important skills.

    We have also included worksheets and activities for long vowel patterns and phonics rules included   ‘’magic/silent e’’, r-controlled vowels, vowel digraphs and diphthongs and how Y can make vowel sounds


    • 2 Read Write Colour: Practice and revision worksheets to cement CVC and Short vowel knowledge
    • 2 Write my sound: Medial Sound worksheets that can be used as assessment or in a lesson where the parent or teacher can say the missing short vowel sound.
    • 2 Fishing For Phonics Worksheets: Students are asked to ‘’fish’’ for short vowel sounds by coloring the fish the correct color.
    • 6 Short and long vowel Colouring Activities: 5 Single vowel and one combined colouring activity. Students find, read and then colour the words with long and short sounds according to the instructions
    • 3 farming for phonics Worksheets: This set of 3 worksheets asks students to say and differentiate between long and short sounds, r controlled sounds and includes a page of short sounds with consonant digraphs as well.
    • 10 Circle the vowel Sound worksheets: This set of ten worksheets aims to teach students to both say and recognize the many different vowel sounds. We have 4 long and short versions, 1 magic ‘’e’’ and 5 that cover r-controlled vowels, vowel digraphs and diphthongs.
    • 2 Penguin Rhyming Pairs and 2 Rhyming pairs worksheets: Students have to find and colour the rhyming pairs, or find and cut the rhyming words. This activity mixes up different spellings of the vowel sounds.
    • 3 Vowel spelling worksheets: # worksheets to help students learn and recognize that there are different spellings of vowel sounds. This covers R controlled and oi/oy sounds.
    • 1 long and short Vowel Spot the difference: Covers all 5 short vowels for revision
    • 8 Magic E Worksheets: 4 Magic E Scramble and 4 spot the word worksheets to teach and practice the magic ‘’e’’ rule.
    • 4 Vowel Digraph Cut and paste: Students must cute and paste vowel digraph words in the correct column
    • 5 Bossy R worksheets: 5 worksheets highlighting spelling of r controlled vowels.
    • 3 Y as a vowel activities: 3 worksheets and activities to help teach how Y can act as a vowel.

    As well as our printable board game we have also linked some online games at the end along with a Long and Short Vowels PowerPoint game.

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here

    We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here