• 13 Action Verb Worksheets


    Actions verbs are a mainstay of every language teachers curriculum. They are great to teach and children really benefit from being taught them using varied activities. However, one of those activities we use to consolidate or cool them down after all the actions, is the humble worksheet.

    Children need to learn a mixture of grammar and phonics to learn to talk. Verbs, and in particular Action Verbs, are incredibly important part of this. The ability to be able to communicate their actions and what they want or have been doing is a huge motivator for younger learners. As they start to form sentences they will naturally acquire vocabulary, there are ways to develop these skills more effectively.

  • Cursive writing Workbook

    Cursive Handwriting Practice Workbook – Printable


    Cursive Handwriting Practice Workbook – Printable

    Cursive Writing does more than look good on paper, its trains hand eye coordination, visual learning and even stimulates other areas of the brain. Here is our guide on how to teach students to quickly and effectively cursive writing.

    The teaching of cursive writing follows a set of steps that help students learn and master each skill before moving on. Practicing letter strokes, writing single letters, concentrating on lower case before upper case and then practicing words for a scaffolded program for children to learn quickly and effectively. We have 40 plus pages for students and children to practice from letters to words and onto paragraphs.

      We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here