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    Soundopoly = Phonics and CVC 3 Version Bundle – Fully Editable


    This is the fully editable Version. You can change and adapt it to suit your class, students and school!

    This is an awesome self directed learning activity. Just split your class into groups of 2-4 and give them a counter and a dice. They will play this game for ages and you can monitor their progress as they are all engaged in the lesson.

    This version has three games, I have more though, it is CVC and CCVC words, onset and rime and blends. Great for young learners. It took SOOOOO long to make 😛

    It is based on the popular Monopoly game but I have adapted and remade it for phonics. I love playing this with my students.

    Teacher Instructions

    • Give each player a counter and put a dice on each board
    • Ask them to read, or go through the rules on the board. You might have to explain what each corner means.
    • Player throws and moves their counter to the box and then does the task or reads the word. If they do It correctly they can put their points on the score sheet.
    • First to 100 ( or what ever you say wins.)
    • Can have up to four people play.
    • I have fully editable versions but they are 2 USD as it took me AGES to make this 😛
    • Hope you enjoy it its worked great in my ESL classroom.