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    Fully Editable – Pets Dominos and Riddles – for ESL, Kindergarten and Primary Students


    This is a whole class activity that can be done in groups or pairs. I have left it editable in this paid version so you cna change the images or pictures as you wish :)

    Students are given a board and the pets/description and have to match the description to the pet and glue it to the board

    They go horizontal across the top and the bottom and vertically along the sides

    When you ( or the students) cut out the dominos make sure there is a picture AND a description on the domino ( dominos have two sides)

    Make sure the students know how to glue them as sometimes they will stick them all at the top.

    Once they have finished, they can complete the centre part of the board and describe their favourite pet. If you need an editable version there is one linked at the bottom.

    I have put examples in the file so it will be clearer!! I hope 😛