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    Animal Dominos and Riddles Activity – for ESL, Kindergarten and Primary Students – Fully Editable Version.


    FULLY EDITABLE VERSION of our most popular download over 20,000 so far!

    I love doing this activity, it can be totally self directed by the students and they really practice reading and comprehension skills from this. It is a whole class activity that can be done in groups, pairs or individual. I much prefer giving it as an individual task so students have their own work to present and take home.

    I have a video guide for you, which as this can be a little confusing i suggest you at least skip through it, but i will put the main details below as well.

    How to use Animal Dominos

    we made a YouTube video to check out to help you :)


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    25 + Short Vowel U, Phonics and CVC Worksheets – Fully Editable Version.


    Over 20 worksheets that focus on the Short ‘U’ sound and CVC ( mostly) words that include it, many different styles including cut and paste, draw, match, find, match and writing exercise. All designed to help English learners with segmenting and learning these simple English words.This is the fully editable version so you can change it to suit your students, class or school.

    I have 2 versions of the same worksheet, one with and one with out a background so you can choose which you like.

    Let me know what you think and if it was useful.

    Helps with common core reading standards and with phonic sounds learning for all ages but is aimed at younger learners for the most part.

    Can be be used in native and ESL classrooms.

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    Fully Editable – Pets Dominos and Riddles – for ESL, Kindergarten and Primary Students


    This is a whole class activity that can be done in groups or pairs. I have left it editable in this paid version so you cna change the images or pictures as you wish :)

    Students are given a board and the pets/description and have to match the description to the pet and glue it to the board

    They go horizontal across the top and the bottom and vertically along the sides

    When you ( or the students) cut out the dominos make sure there is a picture AND a description on the domino ( dominos have two sides)

    Make sure the students know how to glue them as sometimes they will stick them all at the top.

    Once they have finished, they can complete the centre part of the board and describe their favourite pet. If you need an editable version there is one linked at the bottom.

    I have put examples in the file so it will be clearer!! I hope 😛

  • Sale! Connect Four Phonics

    Fully Editable – Four in a Row Connect Four 6 Game Bundle – Phonics, Abc, CVC and more.


    I have made six of these four in a row games. Each PowerPoint includes the template for the game, the counters and some teachers notes.

    They are a real win in classrooms and I love using them with my students! Great for student centred learning, and as they are different levels, great for differentiation in the classroom as well.

    The games cover the following phonics

    single sounds ( including some outside of the 26 sounds of the alphabet)

    Onset and rime ( with different gameplay)

    CVC words

    SH, WH, TH and CH words which are often CCVC or CVCC.


    Magic E words with the CVC word highlighted as well.

    This will also be part of a reading activity pack i am putting together, so if it is useful please look out for this as well!

    The games and playing styles are similar but not identical. I have used these in class and they are a great way to demonstrate group work and learning stations approach.

    You will needs some dice, or a way for them to roll up to 6 if you play this way otherwise everything you need is there.

    Printing it on A3 would be better for them to put on their desks.

    All six games included and if any questions please ask!

  • Sale! Phonics board game

    Soundopoly = Phonics and CVC 3 Version Bundle – Fully Editable


    This is the fully editable Version. You can change and adapt it to suit your class, students and school!

    This is an awesome self directed learning activity. Just split your class into groups of 2-4 and give them a counter and a dice. They will play this game for ages and you can monitor their progress as they are all engaged in the lesson.

    This version has three games, I have more though, it is CVC and CCVC words, onset and rime and blends. Great for young learners. It took SOOOOO long to make 😛

    It is based on the popular Monopoly game but I have adapted and remade it for phonics. I love playing this with my students.

    Teacher Instructions

    • Give each player a counter and put a dice on each board
    • Ask them to read, or go through the rules on the board. You might have to explain what each corner means.
    • Player throws and moves their counter to the box and then does the task or reads the word. If they do It correctly they can put their points on the score sheet.
    • First to 100 ( or what ever you say wins.)
    • Can have up to four people play.
    • I have fully editable versions but they are 2 USD as it took me AGES to make this 😛
    • Hope you enjoy it its worked great in my ESL classroom.
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    Animopoly – Animal Classroom and Riddle Game Fully Editable Version


    This is the fully editable version of the Animopoly game, so you can change it to suit your students, schools and classrooms.

    As teachers we all love teaching students about animals, there is something that just catches the imagination about this topic. This resource came after making another Monopoly type game for phonics and CVC words, and some other language elements, and i though the idea could be used for other vocabulary elements, so i have started with animals. The download is at the bottom of this page. The name came out of my head, so if you have any better ideas please let me know!!

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-dnYY9eYS0?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]
    This game follows the very basic format of the old board game monopoly but has animals instead of streets, the instructions are here and on the file as well. I have written them for students and for teachers.

    However i do have the PowerPoint versions of these as well. These will cost $1 USD when i put them up. Just because it took such a long time to make! If you are in desperate need of the editable one you can email me on the link below, or sign up as I do giveaways of the editable versions of the big resources for subscribers as well.

    These games are great for both student and teachers, as the students are fully engaged and it frees up the teacher to focus on students needs as they are working ( or in their mind playing) It also turns the lesson into student centered instead of teacher centred and this results on more students on task.

    Did i mention it is great to see them having fun as well 😉 IF you want more like this please sign up, and if you watch the video then subscribe as well!!