Free Version – 4 Syllable Worksheets and Answer Keys – Differentiated learning versions



This is the free version if you need or want to edit them please consider the editable ones in the store as well. It all goes to help support the website 🙂

I love teaching these in my classrooms, it really adds understanding and comprehension to even beginning and young learners of English. The ability to cut and put a word together is a really important skills for English learners and i hope these help you achieve this.

I have made a video below that introduces the worksheets to save you time before you download.

I teach it initially by using the clap method, where students clap out the chunks of the word, and also introduce the open mouth method (where your month opens for each syllable.

Once they have a good grasp of that i also introduce how we make a syllable, the vowel sounds of the word for the basis, and ask them to try to find the syllables in words. This requires students knowing what vowel sounds are first, but i have resources on this as well. It is not always the easiest way to teach it which is why i leave it till they have fully understood the idea of what a syllable is. I often find that they will count the vowels, which is definite progress but doesn’t always work ( it doe sometimes which can make it even more confusing for the students) I have tried to include words that have vowel digraphs in them in these worksheets so that you have words to explain how this method works.

I have also tried to include words that incorporate some of the other skills i have written about recently as well, such as diphthongs and the letter Y sounds.

These four worksheets are differentiated for different level of learners. so if you have mixed ability classrooms then these should be of use.



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