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Fully Editable – Four in a Row Connect Four 6 Game Bundle – Phonics, Abc, CVC and more.

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I have made six of these four in a row games. Each PowerPoint includes the template for the game, the counters and some teachers notes.

They are a real win in classrooms and I love using them with my students! Great for student centred learning, and as they are different levels, great for differentiation in the classroom as well.

The games cover the following phonics

single sounds ( including some outside of the 26 sounds of the alphabet)

Onset and rime ( with different gameplay)

CVC words

SH, WH, TH and CH words which are often CCVC or CVCC.


Magic E words with the CVC word highlighted as well.

This will also be part of a reading activity pack i am putting together, so if it is useful please look out for this as well!

The games and playing styles are similar but not identical. I have used these in class and they are a great way to demonstrate group work and learning stations approach.

You will needs some dice, or a way for them to roll up to 6 if you play this way otherwise everything you need is there.

Printing it on A3 would be better for them to put on their desks.

All six games included and if any questions please ask!


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