25 + Reading Comprehension Strategies Workbook – All Seven Skills


25 + Reading Comprehension Strategies Workbook – All Seven Skills


Notes for parents and teachers:

The printable worksheets, games and activities in this workbook aim to lessen the load for both you and your children and students. They are designed to be used with differing levels of text that you may be using and cover the 7 main reading comprehension strategies. These strategies are listed below.

We have also linked in this page the articles on our site that offer tips and advice on both what these reading strategies are and how to teach them. Each of these articles is aimed at younger learners, but that theory carries on to older learners and more difficult texts.

The enjoyment that reading brings requires both confidence and understanding. Our phonics and reading skills workbooks aim to help with confidence and skill building. This collection aims to bring the deeper understanding and to practice higher order and comprehension skills that will develop our children and students into fluent and skilled readers.

We hope they are useful to you and feel free to take a look at our other collections and free resources to help you and your students progress.

Happy Reading!

We also have a Reading and Short stories comprehension workbook to practice these skills as well. Check them out here


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